The Geography of Paid Search

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I am a geographer. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a minute to ask the usual questions:

“Why is a geographer writing a blog post on PPC?”

“How is geography even related to PPC?”

“What are you doing here?!”

Don’t worry, I’m getting there.


I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, and […]

Driving More Customers With Demand Capture and Generation

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Do you have a great product or service but no one knows about it?  That’s a challenge for a number of companies.

How can an online advertiser capture and create demand? It turns out digital marketing can answer both of these questions.


Capturing Demand

While there may be very little search traffic for […]

Successful PPC Account Managers Need Teamwork

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For the most part, being an Account Manager in the PPC industry is seen as a solo venture. The idea of brainstorming and implementation of strategy being driven by one individual has been generally accepted as an industry standard. While PPC ad copy doesn’t allow for a ton of creativity, […]

Negative Keyword Match Types – When to Use Broad Match

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PPC account managers know that a granular account structure is necessary to build successful campaigns: we want search queries to funnel to the most specific ad group possible so that we can serve specific and targeted ad copy to the searcher. But making sure that your carefully selected ad groups […]

Setting up Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

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For many ecommerce advertisers, having complete PPC search coverage for all of their individual products may seem out of reach. However, AdWords’ Dynamic Search Ads can provide an alternative to setting up thousands of ad groups and text ads.  Even when an advertiser thinks they have comprehensive coverage, Dynamic Search […]

Optimizing Google Shopping with Campaign Priority Settings

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Recently, Google rolled out the new form of Product Listing Ads (PLA) called Google Shopping. Aside from other impactful additions during the Shopping roll-out (i.e. Benchmark KPIs!), priority settings are a new and exciting area for performance and organizational optimizations in Shopping campaigns. These new priority settings allow you to […]

3 Basic Google Shopping Optimization Tips

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Laying the groundwork for a well-structured Google Shopping campaign takes time. Creating a granular ad group structure that corresponds well with your product feed structure is absolutely essential to set your Shopping Campaigns up for success. However, I’ll often encounter accounts that have Shopping Campaigns run on autopilot after the […]

Perks of Tracking Multiple Conversion Events

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At the core of performance marketing success – and most certainly of paid search – is the desire to show a demonstrable return. Measuring this return usually comes in the form of conversion tracking.  Whether the conversion event is purchasing a lipstick or downloading a whitepaper, the event we define […]