How to Calculate a Cost per Lead Goal for PPC

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A profitable CPL goal is essential for maximizing the return on your paid search investment. Determining a CPL goal can be a challenge, but with this simple formula and a few pieces of data, you can calculate a CPL goal that will allow you to grow your leads from PPC.

4 Steps to Nail a New Office Launch

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When opening a new office, there are several steps you can take to ensure a successful office launch and long-term growth. As Metric Theory prepares to launch our New York office, Founder and VP, Account Services Adam Edwards details the most important considerations for choosing a director, finding an office space, and hiring your first employees.

Why is My PPC Bounce Rate so High?

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Bounce rate isn't the most important metric for SEM success, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. Here's how you can segment your PPC data to determine if your bounce rate should be a cause for concern.

Awesome Results from Bing RLSA Lists

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Your previous site visitors are much more likely to convert than the average searcher, so you should do everything possible to attract previous visitors. We tested Bing's Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and the results - better CTRs and conversion rates - will convince you want to implement them immediately.

3 Must-Have Dynamic Remarketing Lists for the Holidays

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Don't give up on site visitors just because they didn't convert the first time. These 3 advanced dynamic remarketing lists will help you max revenue during the holiday rush.

Find the Right PPC Conversion Action for Your Business

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Conversion tracking may seem straightforward, but with multiple onsite conversion actions and the need to track different types of user behavior, you can find yourself tracking more conversions than you can really evaluate. Read on to find out how to identify the conversion actions that will help you improve account performance.

The Pros & Cons of Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager, or GTM, is the most common tag management solution currently in use by our clients. Like other tag managers, it allows you to combine all of your tags in one place instead of having to hard code and troubleshoot each one individually. While a different tag management […]

Build an Effective YouTube Ad Strategy this Holiday Season

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With the holiday season just around the corner, digital marketers are strategizing to squeeze as much revenue as possible out of the most important quarter of the year. Video advertising should be an integral part of your holiday strategy. YouTube campaigns provide many benefits for brands during the holidays, including […]