Setting up Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

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For many ecommerce advertisers, having complete PPC search coverage for all of their individual products may seem out of reach. However, AdWords’ Dynamic Search Ads can provide an alternative to setting up thousands of ad groups and text ads.  Even when an advertiser thinks they have comprehensive coverage, Dynamic Search […]

Optimizing Google Shopping with Campaign Priority Settings

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Recently, Google rolled out the new form of Product Listing Ads (PLA) called Google Shopping. Aside from other impactful additions during the Shopping roll-out (i.e. Benchmark KPIs!), priority settings are a new and exciting area for performance and organizational optimizations in Shopping campaigns. These new priority settings allow you to […]

3 Basic Google Shopping Optimization Tips

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Laying the groundwork for a well-structured Google Shopping campaign takes time. Creating a granular ad group structure that corresponds well with your product feed structure is absolutely essential to set your Shopping Campaigns up for success. However, I’ll often encounter accounts that have Shopping Campaigns run on autopilot after the […]

Perks of Tracking Multiple Conversion Events

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At the core of performance marketing success – and most certainly of paid search – is the desire to show a demonstrable return. Measuring this return usually comes in the form of conversion tracking.  Whether the conversion event is purchasing a lipstick or downloading a whitepaper, the event we define […]

Top 5 Tips for Setting up YouTube Ad Campaigns

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With video advertising becoming more and more of a prominent digital marketing channel, many advertisers are turning to YouTube advertising to drive additional brand awareness and engagement. YouTube can be a fantastic channel for many advertisers due to:

YouTube’s inexpensive cost per views (CPVs)
YouTube’s ability to target specific audiences based on interest, […]

Limitations of Automatic CPC Bidding

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When creating a B2B PPC account for the first time, one might be drawn to the idea of putting all the work on Google’s plate. The allure of spending less time managing the account along with Google’s language promoting their automatic bidding tools can make you question the need for […]

Best Practices for AdWords Sitelinks – Reporting & Optimizing Performance

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It is generally accepted by advertisers that AdWords sitelinks are important to overall ad performance. The extra space on the search engine results page and offering the searcher extra webpages to convert on are both easy wins. However, do you really know how well your AdWords sitelinks actually perform?

When you […]

Top 10 Funniest Converting Google Searches – No Joke!

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Happy April Fools’ day, everybody.  I say April Fools’! to you all in the beginning of this post because I will not be saying it at the end.  That’s right, everything which follows here is 100% true, despite how much you might believe otherwise.

So what is here you ask?  It’s […]