The PPC Check-Mate Checklist to Switching Websites

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If you have an e-commerce or lead-gen website, I’m sure you are looking at the “mobile frenzy” and thinking, “is my website up to snuff in today’s digital world?” With Google’s new emphasis on mobile-savvy sites and Google’s announcement that mobile searches have outpaced desktop searches, the digital marketing game […]

Using Google Shopping Benchmarks to Improve Performance

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Shopping Campaigns are amazing! They are still one of the fastest growing parts of the PPC universe, with YOY growth for Google above 20% for the past 4 months. With Bing Shopping just out of Beta it’s safe to assume that Shopping Campaigns will continue to become a larger part […]

Optimizing Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

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After launching a Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign, it is essential to monitor and adjust based on performance. Especially during the first initial week of launch, it can be crucial to eliminate waste from irrelevant searches.


Negatives, negatives, and more negatives: Since this is essentially a broad match campaign, adding in negatives […]

How to Avoid Common PPC Fails & Disasters

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Anyone who’s spent more than a little time in paid search can share a few horror stories of accounts that are in horrendous shape. Those PPC disasters can range from  the small business owner who sells Flag Poles and spent $100,000 in 6 months advertising on Stripper Poles (true story) […]

Guidelines for Setting PPC Goals

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As described by my colleague Eve in a previous post, at Metric Theory we always start a new client relationship with a benchmark document that defines past performance and a specific goal for paid search. The goal not only provides us a clear definition of what is considered “good” performance, […]

Applying RLSA Across Your AdWords Account

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Google Remarketing is a great way to target previous visitors to your site and show them image and text ads on the Google display network. But did you know that you can apply these same remarketing audience lists to your search campaigns?

Google’s RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) allows you […]

The Geography of Paid Search

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I am a geographer. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a minute to ask the usual questions:

“Why is a geographer writing a blog post on PPC?”

“How is geography even related to PPC?”

“What are you doing here?!”

Don’t worry, I’m getting there.


I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, and […]

Driving More Customers With Demand Capture and Generation

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Do you have a great product or service but no one knows about it?  That’s a challenge for a number of companies.

How can an online advertiser capture and create demand? It turns out digital marketing can answer both of these questions.


Capturing Demand

While there may be very little search traffic for […]