Prepare For Q1 B2B Growth With These PPC Back-End Analyses

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Growing a B2B account is like building a house. Before you can consider the furnishings, you need a well-established foundation. In paid search, that well-established foundation is the historical backend data that will inform your upper-funnel expansion.

As many B2Bs go through their yearly budgeting processes and plan for Q1 growth, […]

Metric Theory is a Finalist for 3 Search Engine Land 2017 Awards

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Metric Theory is honored to be a finalist for three of Search Engine Land’s Landy Awards for the second year in a row. The Landys recognize individuals, agencies, and internal marketing teams that have demonstrated excellence in organic and paid search marketing initiatives.

Increase Revenue This Holiday Season With These Google Shopping Features

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At Google Shopping Day 2017, Google discussed new initiatives to help businesses grow revenue from shopping ads. From Showcase Shopping Ads to RLSA for Shopping and more, here are some of the important features you should be taking advantage of this holiday season.

Why You Shouldn’t Pause Your “Bad” PPC Ad Groups

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While your first instinct when you see a poor performing ad group might be to just pause it down, don't – you might lose out on some valuable conversions. The issue might not be with the ad group itself but with your initial keyword bids.

Connect Directly With Customers Using Google AdWords Message Extensions

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As customers spend more of their time on mobile, it is becoming increasingly important to cater your ads to mobile searchers. If you already receive a lot of phone call traffic from ads, try testing message extensions in AdWords.

Build Customer Relationships With Facebook Sponsored Messages Ads

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Even though ads for Messenger conversations might not result in direct website traffic, they provide an opportunity to further build your brand and re-engage your customers. Here's how you should leverage this unique ad type.

Bridging the Gap Between Paid Search and Paid Social Ads

By |August 24th, 2017|Social Advertising|0 Comments

While search and social advertising may seem to be completely separate channels, it is becoming increasingly important for both channels to work together in order to create a successful digital advertising strategy. Learn how you should be leveraging cross-channel insights to strengthen your digital advertising efforts.

5 Ways to Revamp Stagnant Remarketing Efforts

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If you recently launched a remarketing campaign but have yet to see favorable results, don't give up on your remarketing efforts quite yet. Try updating your campaign with one of these five recommendations.