Google Livestream Recap: New AdWords Features for 2016

By |May 24th, 2016|Industry News|0 Comments

Earlier today, Google live streamed their Performance Summit, where they announced a slew of new features coming to AdWords & Analytics throughout this year. You can get more details over at the AdWords blog, but here are a few of the features we’re most excited about.

Tablet Bid Adjustments
Google announced that […]

Closing the PPC Loop: Tracking Leads to Sales

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If you’re a lead-gen advertiser and you’re still optimizing your paid search marketing based on “what keywords we think work best,” it’s time to stop. You need to be evaluating your advertising efforts based on the quality of your leads, and not just total lead quantity or cost per lead. […]

How to Become the Steph Curry of Paid Search

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Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is wrapping up an historically strong season. He became the first player in NBA history to win the league’s MVP award by unanimous vote, while leading his team to an NBA record for wins in a single season. Advanced analytics show him as […]

5 Questions PPC Marketers Need to Ask Their Sales Team

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Marketers have a wealth of data to understand consumer behavior, but sales professionals speak with customers and prospective customers every day. If you’re looking to get as many sales as possible from your paid lead generation efforts, don’t forget to touch base with the soldiers on the front line: your […]

Landing Pages as Game-Winners: 5 Optimizations to Seal the Deal

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The first 46 minutes of a basketball game are important, but the winner is usually crowned in the final 2 minutes. This is known as “crunch time,” when the elite players shine by showing their ability to close the deal. Your landing page is similar, at least in the sense […]

When You Should Abandon Average Position 1

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Is being in average position 1 ever bad? Most PPC specialists would reflexively say no. It’s a basic tenet of paid search strategy that the top position receives the most clicks and the most conversions.

In some cases, moving from position 1 to position 2 or 3 can help you increase […]

How PPC Can Help Identify Your Target Market

By |April 26th, 2016|Business Strategy|1 Comment

Every business wants to know more about their customers. Where do they live? What do they earn? What messaging resonates with them best? PPC advertising can answer all of these questions, and many more.

Demographic Data
One of the biggest benefits of advertising on the Google Display Network is the additional insight […]

AdWords Income Targeting for Lead-Gen Advertisers

By |April 21st, 2016|Lead Gen, PPC Optimization|1 Comment

AdWords allows you to add bid modifiers for income levels to target ads to searchers based on IRS income data by zip code. This feature allows you to target users who are most able to afford your offering, which can be particularly helpful for lead-gen advertisers targeting high-income searchers.

Analyzing lead […]