Use the Buying Funnel to Grow Digital Marketing Revenue

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You should always tailor your digital marketing strategy to provide the best possible user experience for potential customers. Max your digital marketing revenue by tailoring your strategy and goals based on where your consumers are in the buying funnel.

Foster Team Collaboration With These Communication Tools

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Investing in the right communication tools is key to building a great company culture, especially as your company grows and expands. Here are the tools we have found to be essential in keeping all company employees close.

4 Apple Search Ads Optimizations to Drive More Mobile App Downloads

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Apple Search Ads have already proven that they can drive quality leads at a similar CPA to non-brand search. If you Apple Search Ads campaigns are struggling, then try these four advanced strategies to drive more installs, improve your CPI, and take your Apple Search Ads to the next level.

5 Best Practices for Creating Successful YouTube Video Ads

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Creating effective and compelling YouTube creative doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Follow these five recommendations to launch powerful YouTube video ads that will help drive success for your business.

Troubleshoot AdWords Conversion Tracking With These Easy Steps

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Having conversion tracking properly set up is key when it comes to managing your Google AdWords account. Here are a few easy steps to start the troubleshooting process for broken AdWords tags.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Conversion Backfill

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Knowing your Facebook conversion backfill allows you to make better projections and decisions in your account. Learn how to calculate and use your backfill data with these few simple steps.

5 Intangible Qualities that Make Great PPC Account Managers

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Being a great digital marketer takes more than strong communication and analytics skills. You also need to be able to accept feedback, work in a team, and be proactive on your own to address potential issues. These are the five intangible qualities that we look for when hiring new PPC account managers.

Google Marketing Next 2017 Recap: What You Need to Know for PPC Improvement in 2017

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Google's annual Marketing Next livestream included a number of product and feature releases that will have a bit impact on your PPC in 2017. Read on for a recap of the most important changes that will help you drive stronger performance in 2017.