How to Drive Direct Conversions on the GDN

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“The Google Display Network (GDN) is a brand awareness channel. You shouldn’t expect to see direct conversions come through the GDN, and if they do, they will be less profitable or lower quality than Search conversions.” We’ve all heard those cardinal rules of GDN expectations, but rules were made to […]

Using On-Click Pixels to Track AdWords Micro-Conversions

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If you are not tracking conversions, then you have no way to evaluate the success of your paid search efforts, or to make changes to drive more sales or leads. There are multiple ways to use conversion pixels to track conversions. The simplest and most common method is to place […]

Facebook Audience Targeting – Filling the Sales Funnel

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What do frozen pizza purchasers, mythology, and pencils have in common? They’re all targeting subsets on Facebook ads, with over 20 million people in each group. With targeting options from aardvarks to the zygomatic bone, how do you figure out who, and how, to target your Facebook ads?

Here at Metric […]

Why You Should Give Your PPC Agency Access to CRM Data

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While most B2B, lead generation, or recurring billing advertisers understand the importance of optimizing to a metric beyond PPC conversions, you may be reluctant to share that data with your marketing agency. You should always treat confidential customer data seriously, but you also need to be mindful that your PPC […]

Driving Google Shopping Revenue in 5 Easy Steps

By |June 9th, 2016|Shopping Campaigns|1 Comment

Google Shopping campaigns offer great advantages for ecommerce businesses, including showing information-rich ads to consumers, displaying multiple products to customers on increased real estate on the search results page, and higher CTRs than text ads. While driving fantastic ecommerce results might seem like magic, getting started and driving quality results […]

The Top 5 Qualities for Beginning PPC Employees

By |June 3rd, 2016|Metric Theory News|1 Comment

When I graduated college, I felt pressured to find a job, which caused me to rush into a position that was not right for me. Around a year in, I realized I needed to find a new job, one that made me excited to come to work, and where my […]

How to Drive Awesome Bing Shopping Results

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As a paid search manager, I am always testing new opportunities to drive better results in my accounts. Recently, I’ve been launching Bing Shopping campaigns for several accounts, and the results have been fantastic.

Bing vs Google Shopping: A Dead Heat
In a recent agency-wide analysis of Bing Shopping campaigns, we discovered that […]

How to Better Evaluate Gmail Ads Campaigns

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When you launch a Gmail Ads campaign, you should be aware that it likely will not deliver the same direct ROI or conversion rates as standard Search campaigns. You’re showing ads to an audience that is not actively looking for your products or services (at the time they see your […]