Case Studies

In digital marketing, the numbers don’t lie. Our team drives growth no matter which key performance metrics our clients need us to optimize.

Google Case Study: 2,300% Increase in Sales

Featured in a Google Case Study, Metric Theory’s work for PACT Organic grew them from a niche start-up to a powerhouse organic clothing retailer. Read how investing higher up in the digital marketing funnel can drive tremendous business growth.

 PACT Organic Google Case Study (PDF Download)

74% Increase in Revenue Across Search and Social

Metric Theory’s cross-channel strategy for Lucy earned us a 2017 Kenshoo Infinity Award Honorable Mention. By investing in top-of-funnel Facebook prospecting efforts, Metric Theory drove significant revenue growth across both paid Search and paid Social with holiday revenue increasing 74%.

Lucy Cross Channel Case Study (Kenshoo Infinity Award)

Too Faced Cosmetics Sees Beautiful Growth with Bing Ads

Read how Metric Theory utilized Bing Ads’ advanced features to drive lovely growth for Too Faced Cosmetics and helped the brand bring beauty to the masses.

Too Faced Cosmetics Case Study (Bing Ads Customer Story)

300%+ Increase in Qualified Registrations for Personal Capital

Metric Theory’s work with Personal Capital earned us a 2015 Kenshoo Infinity Award. By utilizing advanced analysis techniques, the team was able to focus on the quality of registered users, increasing non-brand qualified registrations by 378% while simultaneously decreasing CPA by 25%.

Personal Capital Case Study (PDF Download)

Triple Digit SEM Growth for LAbite

Metric Theory delivered 160%+ paid search revenue growth for LAbite, which has fed overall business growth and enabled LAbite to enter into new markets full of hungry customers.

LAbite Case Study (PDF Download)

Google Shopping: 128% Increase in Conversion Rate

Read how Metric Theory combined an exciting Google beta feature with our advanced time-decay remarketing strategy for Cruiser Customizing. These impressive results were highlighted by Google on the Inside AdWords blog and in the following Google case study.

Cruiser Customizing Case Study (PDF Download)