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3 Advanced Excel Formulas to Elevate Your PPC Analysis

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Excel is a crucial and extremely useful tool in paid search and other data-driven industries. The next time you're dealing with large data sets, give these three handy Excel formulas a try.

Drive More Non-Brand PPC Conversions with AdWords Position-Based Attribution Model

By |March 23rd, 2017|PPC Analysis|1 Comment

A position-based conversion attribution model is a must-have for nearly all advertisers. AdWords position-based attribution allows you to identify the keywords that bring new customers to your site and increase your sitewide conversions. Read on for some of the benefits of switching to AdWords new position-based attribution model.

5 Next-Level PPC Excel Formulas and Tricks

By |March 9th, 2017|PPC Analysis|1 Comment

Excel is one of the most important tools for any PPC pro. Check out these 5 tips and tricks if you already know the basics and are looking for some next-level Excel knowledge to boost your paid search skills,

Use Google Search Console to Evaluate PPC & Organic Search Data

By |January 26th, 2017|PPC Analysis|1 Comment

It's no secret that you can drive better SEM results by having your paid search and organic search work together. Linking your Search Console with Google Analytics will provide valuable insights into how to improve performance for both channels. Read on to learn how to link your accounts, and what insights you can gain to improve performance.

Our 8 Favorite Metric Theory Blog Posts of 2016

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Covering everything from PPC promos to Facebook objectives to building office culture, these are our favorite 8 posts from the Metric Theory blog in 2016.

How to Calculate a Cost per Lead Goal for PPC

By |October 20th, 2016|Lead Gen, PPC Analysis|1 Comment

A profitable CPL goal is essential for maximizing the return on your paid search investment. Determining a CPL goal can be a challenge, but with this simple formula and a few pieces of data, you can calculate a CPL goal that will allow you to grow your leads from PPC.

Why is My PPC Bounce Rate so High?

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Bounce rate isn't the most important metric for SEM success, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. Here's how you can segment your PPC data to determine if your bounce rate should be a cause for concern.

The Pros & Cons of Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager, or GTM, is the most common tag management solution currently in use by our clients. Like other tag managers, it allows you to combine all of your tags in one place instead of having to hard code and troubleshoot each one individually. While a different tag management […]