We perform constant analysis and optimization of client-specific marketing data to achieve ultimate results. Our extensive process ensures that we are continuously implementing an effective strategy for each client.

Metric Theory Process Flowchart
  • Audit

    We provide a full custom audit of your account to identify areas of wasted spend and opportunities for growth. We perform extensive analysis, ad copy evaluation, and more. As a result, our audit process dives deep into account performance and allows us to set specific future goals with each client.

  • Research

    Each Account Manager develops a thorough understanding of your business and your advertising campaigns. We analyze your website, review your products, and evaluate what distinguishes you from your competitors. Additionally, we take a fine-toothed comb to your previous marketing efforts. We delve into past seasonality trends, targeting settings, dayparting metrics, mobile device performance, and more.

  • Onboard

    Onboarding is the culmination of our audit and research phases. Our Account Managers work with you to combine your knowledge of your business and market with Metric Theory’s findings and insights. This allows us to set precise target goals and establish a plan for achieving those goals.

  • Launch

    Metric Theory prioritizes changes that will yield the largest early gains and drive substantial progress towards achieving our clients’ goals. Whether it’s fresh ad copy, revamped targeting, new account structure, or a comprehensive bid strategy, we roll out changes in a controlled manner that isolates targeted areas for growth.

  • Test

    It’s impossible to know every ad, target, and bid that will yield the best results. Metric Theory’s data driven approach not only emphasizes continuous testing, but also acting on the tests we implement in an account. We know what to test, how to evaluate those tests, and how to extrapolate gains when we see them.

  • Optimize

    In combination with continuous testing, day-to-day tweaks are needed to respond to changes in performance and adapt to the plethora of new features and updates. The ability to optimize and leverage extensive data is what differentiates a good digital agency from a great one. Drawing from years of experience, 100s of accounts, and access to top technology, we view marketing as an iterative process that never stops.

  • Report

    Data is king in online marketing and transparency is vital for our clients. We provide weekly reports that break down performance across platforms, campaigns, and time-period over time-period. These reports guide our decision-making process and also provide an excellent way to measure progress towards achieving your goals.