Metric Theory delivers top-tier paid search marketing dedicated to your business goals. We are so metric-focused that we put it in our name.

Metric Theory works with 230+ amazing clients and manages $130+ million in ad spend.  Our clients range from large ecommerce companies, to large B2B tech enterprises, to small businesses.

We take pride in driving 40-400% improvements in key PPC metrics.  We also realize that strong paid search results are the foundation of a broader, growth-focused digital strategy.

At Metric Theory, we examine paid search and the interaction with other marketing channels, and we use this understanding to advance all your digital marketing efforts to the next level. We invest the time for a comprehensive analysis of your business, and we develop a customized strategy and plan to drive growth.

Customized Offering

We know that each business, industry, and client contact is different.  We drive performance by learning as much as possible about the details.  See the blog posts below to dive into our own details and learn what makes Metric Theory different.

Holistic Business Analysis

Data, data, data.  While some agencies are merely focused on CTRs and CPAs, we know those metrics provide little context to what’s happening at your business.  We are focused on actual revenue and trends, and we use your data to drive growth.

Keyword Selection

We dig into search query reports to identify areas for expansion as well as wasted spend. In addition, we use your website, competitor & review sites, and your feedback to identify potential new keywords.

Ad Copy Development

We highlight your competitive advantages and unique value propositions to capture attention. Metric Theory ads don’t tell people why they should click, we show them.  We make your ads stand out in the crowd.

Bid Management

Ultimately, our bidding strategy is simple: increase the exposure of keywords that are performing well and decrease the exposure of keywords that are not. We work with you to set bids that match your goals.

Ad Copy Testing

We don’t always know the best ad to write for each scenario, but we know what to test to find out. We drive results by acting on ad copy and landing pages tests to funnel traffic to the best-performing ads and pages.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads continue to be more and more important for ecommerce advertisers. We use granular ad groups and specific targeting to drive stellar performance for our clients on both Google and Bing.