Social Advertising

With a focus on Facebook and Instagram ads, Metric Theory can grow your paid social campaigns from scratch or take your existing efforts to the next level.

Metric Theory provides advanced paid social marketing that is tailored to your business goals. Whether you’ve been running Facebook ads for years or are new to digital marketing, Metric Theory can partner with you and guide you through the ever-changing social space.

We approach social advertising methodically. With a focus on data, we start with a complete audit and plan-of-action. By implementing industry best practices and the latest ad features, we make sure your brand is speaking to your customers in the places they spend their time.

Social ads are an important piece of your overall marketing, and our multi-channel practices allow us to develop a holistic business strategy that fits your paid social ads into the broader context of your marketing/sales funnel.

Facebook Ads in the Marketing Funnel

social advertising strategy
For most advertisers, you want to maximize your budget on lower funnel channels that are most likely to result in a purchase. There will certainly be exceptions to the funnel above, but overall, nothing tops brand search in terms of performance.

Right after brand search is retargeting. Facebook is one of the best options for retargeting prospective buyers, or nurturing an existing email list. Even if you’re already retargeting through another platform, you’re likely missing out on conversions from prospects if you aren’t reaching them on Facebook.

Facebook prospecting represents any Facebook targeting that puts your ads in front of people who are not part of a current retargeting list or audience. In other words, new consumers. Facebook prospecting often does not quite achieve the same direct ROI performance that non-brand search and Shopping achieve. The reason? It’s tough to beat the intent of showing an ad to someone actively looking for your product.

However, Facebook prospecting has benefits that those other lower funnel channels do not. Facebook prospecting achieves a strong direct ROI for many advertisers and also carries many of the same secondary benefits as Display & YouTube advertising. Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram ads are visually appealing, take up nearly 100% of the screen, and look native to their respective platforms

Paid Social + Paid Search Case Study

74% Increase in Revenue Across Search and Social

Metric Theory’s cross-channel strategy for Lucy earned us a 2017 Kenshoo Infinity Award Honorable Mention. By investing in top-of-funnel Facebook prospecting efforts, Metric Theory drove significant revenue growth across both paid Search and paid Social with holiday revenue increasing 74%.

Lucy Cross Channel Case Study (Kenshoo Infinity Award)