Event Overview

GDPR regulations and the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal are bringing sweeping changes to data management policies and consumer privacy. What are the potential implications for the advertising industry? Are these new changes making the walled gardens stronger? Or have they opened the door for new partners?


  • LiveRamp – Christopher Murphy, Head of Strategy
  • Tealium – Adam Corey, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Quantcast – Scott Brown, Global Director of Product Marketing
  • Integral Ad Science – Harmon Lyons, SVP
  • DataXu – Sam Jones, Director of Platform Sales
  • MightyHive – Myles Younger, Director of Marketing
  • Moderator – Mike Hans, CEO, Forge Group

What You’ll Learn

  • Find out what changes are happening around data privacy and sharing that will impact your current business
  • Learn how leading technology and data companies are overcoming these challenges and creating new opportunities
  • Get the information you need in order to take advantage of these new solutions and get an edge over your competition