We are excited to announce that Facebook has named Metric Theory a Premium Facebook Marketing Partner, their highest level of partner recognition! This is an elite group of agencies and technology partners given the designation because of their proven history of delivering great strategy and results to businesses marketing on Facebook’s platform. You can find our listing in the directory here.

Premium Facebook Marketing Partner

With this recognition comes increased status, which means benefits for both our clients and our strategists! We like to think of this as similar to travel status that we have accomplished with all of the mileage we have in driving success.

Early (Beta) Access

We are now in Boarding Group 1! We are first in line for access to new ad types, targeting options, lift tests, attribution tools, and more before they’re made available to agencies and advertisers in the wider community.

VIP Support

Increased status means we have our own direct access to VIP Support, enabling us to quickly get updates or set up prompt virtual consultations, and all issue resolution for Premium Facebook Marketing Partners is prioritized over non-partners.

Technicians Standing By

Premium-level Facebook Marketing Partners can arrange for technical support and Solutions Engineering consults that provide advertisers guidance for technical challenges and API integrations. These limited resources aren’t otherwise available.

Free Checked Bags

To be honest, we’re not sure how this fits – but we’re moving too quickly to check bags anyways!

First-Class Train(ing)s

Our team has unlimited and assisted access to all the most up-to-date trainings and tracks that are only available to FMP agencies – including Blueprint eLearning Courses, creative trainings, virtual trainings and additional Blueprint office hours.

Complimentary Snacks & Beverages

As a Premium Facebook Marketing Partner we have access to Measurement Materials, Creative Best Practices, frequent Product Update Materials – all helping to ensure the best quality of service for our clients.

Companion Tickets & Upgrades

Fortunately, we have an abundance of companion tickets! Reach out to learn more about what makes our Facebook Ads work first-class.