MT Gives

Nonprofit Partnership Program

Our Commitment to the World is More than Just a Catchphrase

We’ve driven a lot of profit for our clients, and we want to drive a lot of good too. We’re committed to seeing positive social and environmental change in the world around us, and we know that some of the most impactful change happens when people are utilizing their unique skillsets. For us, that’s digital marketing.


How We Give

With MT Gives, we offer the following to qualifying nonprofits:

  • Pro bono management of Google Grants accounts
  • Discounted rates on all our account management across all media channels
  • Full access to the Metric Theory agency specialist team
  • Discounted access to our tech partners
  • Ongoing custom strategy & account reviews to ensure every dollar is being best used

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and additional benefits to add to the list!

Join Us

Through the MT Gives program, we’ve helped implement sustainable food systems, maintain prison outreach programs, expanded arts & athletic opportunities for kids with chronic illness, enabled literacy tutoring for underprivileged children, and so much more. Every employee can nominate any nonprofit, and any nonprofit can reach out to apply directly.

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