Analyst Training Program

You want to be a top digital marketer. We make it happen.


Phase 1: Intensive Analyst Training

Yes, we hire experts, but we also train them up ourselves. We know digital marketing is a complex, quickly changing field, which is why during your first six months of being at Metric Theory you’ll be trained by our highest level of management – sometimes even the Founders – to ensure you gain expertise as fast as possible. You’ll be thrown into training sessions, hands-on practice, shadowing, and lock down your professional certification as you go from a newbie to digital marketing gymnast. As you ramp towards autonomy, you’ll undergo communication training to learn how to message the nitty gritty of paid search to anyone you come in contact with.

AM Qualities

Phase 2: Account Management

As analysts ramp towards Account Managers, they’re paired with a mentor to help coach them and hone their client management skills. AM’s gradually build their list of clients, whether it be B2B, ecommerce, small, large, or a mix of all of the above (hint: it’s always a mix!). All AM’s then take on a specialization in a niche area of digital marketing to hone their expertise and add to the knowledge base of the agency.


Phase 3: Pathway to Management

Your dreams doesn’t stop at managing paid advertising, and your growth potential won’t stop there either. You’ll find among the MT ranks people managers, specialists in an area of advanced advertising (like video or web analytics), and those who take on our largest and most complex accounts. No two paths look identical, but every single person has the chance to sit down with our founders and craft their own path.

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