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A hungry sales team needs to feed not just on leads, but qualified leads and Opportunities. Metric Theory integrates with your marketing and sales ops teams to fill the pipeline with qualified prospects. Enterprise B2B? We eat it for lunch.

Client Story: Five9

Metric Theory was challenged to increase lead quality while improving overall sales. By getting creative with customer data and implementing advanced display strategies, our team drove a 75% increase in call duration and a 100% increase in enterprise deals.

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Metric Theory Solutions

Full-funnel strategies, focused on cross-channel data and performance, driven by deep analytical insight

Search Engine Marketing

Max out your search volume by targeting searches up and down your prospect funnel.

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Re-engage with past visitors and run nurturing tactics for current prospects with an audience-driven strategy.

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CRM Data Integration

We work with our clients to ensure we can pull in lead quality data to make the most out of every dollar spent on lead generation.

Social Advertising

LinkedIn and Facebook targeting data help continue the conversation with your prospects beyond direct intent.

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Display Advertising

Creating interest and intent starts with creating mindshare. Programmatic technology and direct buys do just that, but also generate leads as well.

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International Localization

Advertise globally with affordable language translation by industry professionals native to your target countries.

Who We Work With

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Think social advertising is just for B2C brands? Think again. LinkedIn Ads offers some of the highest quality audiences and targeting in B2B marketing. Take a look at some unique opportunities made possible by LinkedIn:

  • Promote demos or marketing assets to a hyper-targeted audience perfect for your pitch.
  • Light up Account-Based Marketing with company targeting to reach and engage key accounts.
  • Present the entire buying committee from influencer to decision-maker with offers specific to their role in the purchase process.

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What Our Clients Say

"Metric Theory's team has really stepped up to the challenge and significantly improved targeting and prospect quality."

Jason Yang, VP Digital Marketing

Five9, Inc.

"Metric Theory’s meticulous attention to detail, data mining prowess, and continuous optimization is invaluable to our organization exceeding our annual revenue goals."

Grant Christensen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


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