Search Engine Marketing


Don’t Get Clicks, Get Results

No matter your goal, SEM is a foundational digital marketing channel. Metric Theory clients range from small startups to giant retailers and public companies that all love MT for one reason: We drive results.

What We Do

Our core PPC services are the most comprehensive out there – we know, because we designed them to be!

Ad Copy & Testing

We turn your industry expertise into meaningful messaging to your audience and test to find the best.

Keyword Research

We utilize a number of approaches to find new search targets to ensure we never settle with your marketing.

Bid Management

Whether manual or bleeding-edge algorithmic strategies, we apply the best approach to achieve your goals for a given segment.

Mobile Ad Strategy

Everything changes from desktop to mobile, where things change quickly. Focused strategies are a necessity.

Shopping Campaigns

We manage down to the product and query level to get the right products in front of the right audience.


Sophisticated remarketing strategies for both Search and Display are competitive gamechangers for our clients.

Display & Gmail Ads

We take a metrics and performance-driven approach to display management, for both awareness and direct response.

YouTube Video Ads

As the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube can’t be ignored as a potential source of new customers.

Client Story: Optimizely

Optimizely teamed up with Metric Theory to rescue them from the high traffic and lead costs they were incurring on search. With a unique partnership involving their experimentation platform and our search experts, we improved lead generation by 24% in a matter of weeks.

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Insight Comes Standard

We don’t just put up ads and change bids, we provide insights that can change your business. Metric Theory comes with everything you see here.

Cross-Channel Management

Google, Bing, and Yahoo ads managed simultaneously – no managing or pulling reports from each network.

 Customized Reporting

We work with you to build reporting around the metrics that drive your business.

 Account Review Presentations

In addition to routine strategy meetings, we’ll deliver long-term planning meetings to set a roadmap for success.

Demographic Data

Find out how various demographic segments perform to better understand your target market.

Competitor Reviews

We provide reports of competitor tactics, messaging, keyword inventory, and more to ensure you’re maximizing your potential.

CRM Data Integration

Competing with the best means looking beyond conversion – we lead clients through lead quality, margin-based goals, and lifetime value tracking.

Switching Ain't Easy, We Know

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"Our long-standing partnership with Metric Theory, and their deep understanding of our business and the advertising landscape, have established Search and Shopping as the highest-growth and highest-ROI channels for new customer acquisition at Winc."

Rohan Panjiar, Director - Performance Marketing


"Metric Theory has been eager to look past surface-level metrics to focus strategy on our backend KPIs and ultimately drive more revenue for the business."

Jose Miguel Vera, Sr. Director of Marketing

One Park Financial

Strategic Leadership

Management by Metric Theory is never set it and forget it – we’re always working to outdo ourselves to deliver value to our clients.