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The competitive environment continues to get deeper and more difficult to beat in ecommerce. To continue winning new customers, you need to capitalize on every available opportunity faster and more strategically than even the biggest retailers online.

Client Story: Wild One

As competition for new buyers grows exponentially for direct-to-consumer models, you need to be nimble and data-driven to stand out in crowded social feeds. Wild One and Metric Theory show you how to do it with this paid social and search strategy that led to 130% sales growth and was also a finalist for Best Cross-Channel Campaign in the 2020 US Search Awards.

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Metric Theory Solutions

Full-funnel strategies, focused on cross-channel data and performance, driven by deep analytical insight

Search Engine Marketing

Shopping and Text ad strategies combined with layered audiences maximize your revenue for each and every paid click.

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Social Advertising

Remarketing is a must, but the real power of networks like Facebook and Pinterest is in introducing new customers to your brand and website.

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Feed Management

With the undeniable importance of Shopping campaigns, optimizing your feed for specific publishers is imperative to maximize performance.

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Performance Display

With direct site placement and solutions like algorithmic optimization, Display can produce real returns.

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Dynamic product ads and remarketing for Search convert previous visitors and raise LTV of previous buyers.

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Amazon Advertising

Half of all product searches on the web start on Amazon. We make sure you’re there when they happen.

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Who We Work With

"We don’t want to make panicked decisions, we want to know exactly what to do when the time comes. Our strong team and communication with Metric Theory allows us to do that."

Corey Bruce, Director of Digital Marketing

Wild One

"Metric Theory has been an excellent partner assisting us to drive sales and brand growth on Amazon. They have been flexible throughout our partnership, efficiently and effectively tailoring campaigns to meet our brand’s KPIs. Not only has our Amazon business experienced exponential growth, but we have learned a great deal about advertising on Amazon throughout the process."

Nolan Koon, Sales Manager

Every Man Jack