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Find New Product Sales with Amazon Ads

Amazon is synonymous with ecommerce. With over half of all product searches beginning on Amazon, placing your products front-and-center is an essential for brands and retailers. Whether you’re just considering Amazon now or already advertising and looking to generate better results, Metric Theory can deliver fresh routes to sales growth.

What We Do

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Boost product discovery with campaigns that match perfect products to the most valuable searches.

Sponsored Brands

Your opportunity to own the top of the page on Amazon searches for your products.

Sponsored Display

We’ll design targeting that combines interests with specific products to maximize sales.

Ad Testing

As with all digital marketing, if you’re not testing, you’re missing out on sales. Our testing, backed by data, will turn good results into gold box results.

Custom Reporting

Knowing how your ads are performing is everything in ecommerce. Metric Theory’s integrated reporting provides insight Amazon on its own simply can’t.


Get Primed for Prime Day

Amazon is such a powerful sales platform, it created a new holiday sales season for sellers – Amazon Prime Day. Since 2015, Prime Day has become one of Amazon’s largest sales days, rivaling even Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With Amazon ads, it’s Christmas come early on Prime Day.

What Our Clients Say

"We've seen explosive growth year-over-year with Metric Theory managing our Amazon ads."

Marc Miller, Director of Digital

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Be First to Amazon Ads

It’s a jungle out there. Defend your brand, dominate your top categories, and go after competitors who are sleeping in class. Amazon ads are already key to gaining market share as a seller on Amazon and will only become more important with time. Beat competitors to the punch and power to the top of the Amazon heap with Metric Theory.

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Conquer Mobile Ecommerce with Amazon

Still working to improve your mobile ecommerce experience? You’re not alone. With Amazon advertising, you can leverage their world-class mobile distribution across their app and web experience to every Prime customer with a phone or tablet.

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