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When you can’t choose keywords, a sophisticated strategy is critical to show the right products to the right searchers every time. We analyze a mountain of data from user search queries, actual web sales, and your product feed to maximize revenue and ROAS.

What We Do

Shopping campaign management is included in SEM services with Metric Theory. Here’s some of what you can expect!

Google & Bing Management

Shopping ads work and perform differently – our experts manage across both Google and Bing for optimal opportunities.

Product Group Structure

Whether your goal is to maximize profit margin, track performance by brand, or focus on seasonal products, we have strategies for every need.

Bid Management

Optimizing bids across Search and Shopping on all networks simultaneously is no small task – we handle it all, mixing automated and human touches.

Merchant Center Monitoring

Know about product errors and feed downtime quickly to take action and get back to business.

Dynamic Remarketing

Advertise previously viewed products on the Display Network at the perfect time to convert more site visits into purchases.

Shopping Extensions

Stay on top of the latest ad innovations to stand out from the competition in a Shopping auction.

Client Story: Winc

Winc challenged Metric Theory to ramp up Shopping volume to gain more new customers (Activations). See how we used creative strategies to increase Activations from Shopping by 53%  at -46% lower cost per Activation!

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Shopping Feed Management by Metric Theory

The information in your product feed is the equivalent of keywords in a search campaign. If you’re not actively optimizing it to match more relevant searches on Google and Bing, you’re missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in revenue potential. Discover why feed management is fast becoming a must-have aspect of digital marketing for ecommerce.

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"The way that Metric Theory has accelerated our growth is by looking at areas that we can have unique opportunity or value and do a lot better than the competition."

Sash Catanzarite, Co-Founder


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Search and Shopping Ads Work Best Together

Metric Theory understands that the path to purchase is rarely through SEM or Shopping alone. Our purchase attribution technology maps the path to purchase for all campaigns managed by Metric Theory to determine the true value of every paid click – so that you get your true max return.

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