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Paid social has become a digital marketing essential for any business. With cross-device insight and audience targeting simply unavailable elsewhere, its customer acquisition power now rivals search. Management by Metric Theory will supercharge your social ad performance while tracking and maximizing impact across your entire marketing universe.

Ad Copy & Testing

Generating action in a social environment requires specialized experience and constant refreshes.

Audience Targeting

We leverage Facebook’s powerful consumer data and lookalike modeling to find your ideal next customers.

Bid Management

Our wealth of experience means we know when to deploy the network’s bid optimization, use a platform bid optimizer, or to apply manual strategies.


In addition to closing previous visitors and custom audiences, social ads are uniquely suited to re-engaging past and current customers.

Dynamic Product Ads

The ecommerce shopping journey continues onto social platforms after consumers have expressed interested in your products.

Lead Ads

Especially on mobile, the right offer and a quick contact info capture is the key to B2B success on social channels.

Client Story: Getaround

Getaround’s complex peer-to-peer car rental marketplace needed to find people willing to rent their cars in markets around the US.

See how Metric Theory grew Getaround’s car supply by 44% using big data and innovative audiences in this client story that was a finalist in the Drum Digital Advertising Awards for “Best Use of Data”. Watch our video client story to hear directly from Getaround what they love most about working with their Metric Theory team.

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What We Manage

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads offers B2B social media advertising with targeting options that simply aren’t available outside of LinkedIn. It’s quickly become one of the pillars of inbound demand generation.

Find out more about what LinkedIn Advertising can offer to better understand why it’s the premier B2B social advertising partner, and see why Metric Theory prides itself on being a LinkedIn Advertising agency of choice.

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"Growth on Facebook and Instagram is a challenge for us, just like it is for any brand. For our teams to have found something so successful, so quickly, it takes a lot of experience and a true understanding of who our customer is and what they care about."

Nell Diamond, Founder & CEO

Hill House Home

"When we need something done, it happens. And it happens in at the speed we need it done. It feels like they're trying to make our business better everyday."

Vicente Zavarce, Director of User Acquisition


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Multi-Channel Advertising with Metric Theory

With social advertising now a permanent contributing factor in digital marketing, mastering the complex journey to acquire customers is required to compete. Metric Theory prides itself on innovating in multi-channel best practices, leveraging leading technology, experience, and our culture of tireless pursuit for our clients to beat a path for you to the cutting edge. Welcome to the future.

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