Hill House Home

Client Story

Waking Up Dreary Facebook Ads with Authentic Content

Hill House Home makes stylish and comfortable bedding, loungewear, and accessories. As a lifestyle direct-to-consumer brand, they prize authenticity when connecting with their audience, which has given them a strong following of brand advocates. They worked with Metric Theory to scale new customer acquisition in this client story that was a finalist in the Drum Digital Advertising Awards 2019.

The Goal: Brand-Focused New Customer Acquisition

Hill House Home partnered with Metric Theory to become a standout new brand in the intensely competitive D2C bedding category.  With rising ad costs and the number of new brands vying for attention, creating a true standout brand via Facebook and Instagram advertising is a major challenge. The teams needed a fundamentally new approach to resonate with and convert a wider audience.

Our Strategy

  • New audience discovery to find more Brand Loyalists
  • Unique ad creative concepts to speak to the target audience
  • Scaling successful strategy to keep reaching new, excited customers

Audience Discovery

Hill House Home and Metric Theory worked together to profile the attributes of their most likely buyer by analyzing audience signals from previous buyers. For scale, the teams gained insight into which audience layers and creative choices were the most likely fit to become new customers. Exploring fans who had purchased multiple times helped them plan campaigns geared at profitability. Establishing this process helps both teams to continually revisit audience signals to update targeting and strategy as consumer behavior and preferences change on Facebook and Instagram, and as Hill House Home expands their product portfolio.

"Growth on Facebook and Instagram is a daunting challenge for us, just like it is for any brand. For our teams to have found something so successful, so quickly takes a lot of experience, and a true understanding of who our customer is and what they care about."

Nell Diamond

Founder and CEO

Ad Creative

Given the personal nature of Hill House Home bedroom and bathroom products, the teams incorporated native-feeling video into the ads that echoed the user-generated social posts of their most loyal customers. This approach borrowed from Hill House Home’s organic social posts, with some successful ads created using the core Stories feature in Facebook and Instagram. The style reflected how Hill House Home presented itself to the world and cut through the clutter of overworked DTC ads people were used to seeing, leading to 80% increases in ad engagement.

Opportunities to Scale

With Instagram seeing great success behind these strategies, the approach was translated to Facebook, which historically had been a performance challenge for Hill House Home. Facebook feed ads featuring modeled products attracted lookalike audiences built on precise past buyer data. The teams also took advantage of the emerging Stories placement options and ad formats on Facebook, scaling their social reach while beating ROAS goals.

Performance Results


increase in New Customers


increase in Revenue


higher Ad Engagement