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As investors and founders push their teams to revolutionize an industry, their Metric Theory team is right there with them with a game face on. You never know what’s around the next corner in the startup world, but with us it’s almost always the same thing – more new customers.

Client Story: Getaround

Getaround’s complex peer-to-peer car rental marketplace needed to find people willing to rent their cars in markets around the US.

See how Metric Theory grew Getaround’s car supply by 44% using big data and innovative audiences in this client story that was a finalist in the Drum Digital Advertising Awards for “Best Use of Data”. Watch our video client story to hear directly from Getaround what they love most about working with their Metric Theory team.

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Metric Theory Solutions

Full-funnel strategy, based on cross-channel data and performance, driven by deep analytical insight

Facebook Advertising

With startups often challenged to both introduce their concept and add users, social advertising provides unique opportunities for both.

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Search Engine Marketing

Smart search positioning, competitor conquesting, and search remarketing help make your SEM acquisition as efficient as possible.

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Startups are data junkies, and so are we. We’ll research your user data to find the best segments to retarget with the right message.

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Display Advertising

When introducing your brands and taking on the biggest brands out there, technology-powered display builds credibility and awareness.

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Mobile App Advertising

If your startup is app-driven, install ads bring in new users and in-app advertising for re-engagement increases revenue.

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More Channels & Strategies

Startup marketing opportunities can cross into any customer profile we have. We’ll find and propose the best options for you.

Who We Work With

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See how we can drive growth for your business.

"They will not only refine strategies that we bring to them, but they can recommend things that we've never thought of before. It really enables us to get the most out of our money."

Kamini Lane, CMO


"Aside from cutting inefficient spend to become profitable, we had ambitious growth goals and needed a partner who we could trust to implement a strategic plan to grow our account and help us enter new markets. "

Jennifer Kim, Marketing Manager


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