Affiliate Marketing


Grow with Sites & Apps Your Audience Already Loves

Once the original performance marketing channel, affiliate marketing has matured into a full-funnel growth channel for high-volume and high-end brands alike. Let Metric Theory launch or elevate your affiliate program, and find out what an affiliate strategy can look like that builds your brand and inspires connection with customers, both current and future.

What We Do

Partner Optimization

Work with quality partners that match your brand goals, and we’ll manage everything from budgeting to brand education.

Promotions Strategy

Launch and update promotions across your affiliate landscape with confidence that you’re building your brand profitably.

Commission Management

Optimize commissions approach across all SKUs by leveraging our ecommerce team’s technology and experience.

Creative Testing

Find new discoverability with copy and creative that will help your brand outcompete others for new customers.

Integrated Reporting

Get instant, real-time access to the results of your entire program with Metric Theory’s Compass analytics dashboard.

Influencer Campaigns

Unlock the long tail of influence on the web, and gain mindshare that builds connection to your brand.

Program Monitoring

Stay on top of a turbulent competitive landscape, and ensure partners are running the right offers at all times.

Fraud Prevention

Leave the responsibility of validating transactions and enforcing agreement terms across your affiliate program to us.

Infuse Your Affiliates with Data & Tech

Most brands will pour tons of time into search and social, while running their affiliate marketing programs on autopilot. With the right team and technology in your corner, their distraction is your opportunity.

Working with our affiliate marketing specialists takes the guesswork out of choosing the right affiliate technology stack. We’ll evaluate your current mix and leverage our platform relationships to access the right partners for your brand goals. Reduce wasted spend, personalize offers by audience, and customize commissions based on where a buyer is in the customer journey.

And that’s where the data comes in. Affiliate programs don’t operate in a vacuum, and their true impact isn’t always what the partner data alone shows you. We’ll collect data across platforms for a truly unified view into affiliate program performance and evaluate it alongside the rest of your digital marketing universe, so you can make faster and more informed decisions about where your budget is best spent.

Launch or elevate your affiliate marketing

"With the number of subscription services adding up and more competitors entering the market all the time, finding new growth opportunities while keeping customer acquisition costs minimized is the name of the game. Partnering with Metric Theory has been a huge help for us to do that."

Vanessa Landivar, Acquisition Marketing


Full-Funnel Affiliate Approach

Affiliate marketing is no longer just a bastion of bargain hunters, but it does require expertise to avoid making it a brand-diluting race to the bottom. With our team’s vast experience of the affiliate landscape, you’ll get a plan that can deliver against any brand goal.

When you meet with our team, you won’t get a templatized, “we-can-do-that-too” pitch presentation. You’ll get a complete picture of how affiliate marketing can influence every stage of a buyer’s journey, how our approach will fit with your other marketing along the way, and how you’ll know it’s working.

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