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If you’ve been running Facebook Ads campaigns as long as we have, you know it’s not what it used to be. With increasing costs, more brands competing for attention, and more ad types, the demands to remain competitive while driving profitable results have never been higher. Create ads that convert, bend the algorithms to your needs, and find your market with Metric Theory.

What We Do

Creative Strategy

We combine audience-based innovation with data-informed testing to drive profitable (and beautiful!) ad experiences.

Audience Strategy

Customized campaign briefs based on your key personas, marrying your known customer data with Facebook’s prospecting tools.

Ad Unit Testing

Exhaustively test messaging, ad types, and offers tailored to focused audiences to raise engagement and lower acquisition cost.

Placement Planning

Build a program across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and more to capture the most relevant pockets of the social universe.

B2B & Lead Generation

Facebook Ads aren’t just for consumer brands. With the right audiences, messaging, and offer, they should have a place in any B2B marketing mix.

Integrated Reporting

Get all of your social KPIs in one place, alongside other digital tactics. React to real-time data across programs for performance-based budgeting.

Dynamic Product Ads

Create and optimize shoppable ads from your shopping cart’s product feed to streamline social commerce just as your audience is ready to buy.

Mobile App Growth

Go beyond installs to find and acquire new users that turn into recurring revenue, with strategies on re-engagement, upselling, and more.


Client Story: Hill House Home

Explore how Metric Theory helped this emerging D2C brand turn around Facebook advertising, improving new customer acquisition 250%!

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Grow Further with Instagram Ads

Instagram may be available in the same platform as Facebook, but they are not the same. Different people, different behavior, and different ad models. So why would you just push your Facebook strategy to Instagram? It’s easy, but it’s probably damaging your performance – and your brand.

Our media strategists will help you tell your brand story visually, with copy that moves people. Expand your reach with gripping imagery, immersive Stories ads, and captivating video to build your brand and your customer base.

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"When we need something done, it happens. And it happens in at the speed we need it done. It feels like they're trying to make our business better everyday."

Vicente Zavarce, Director of User Acquisition


Your Ads, Designed by Performance Specialists

Great results on Facebook and Instagram ads requires great ad creative, made by experts who know what converts scrollers into leads, users, and buyers. Our team of designers specializes in digital ads that are built specifically for each ad network you’re running on and informed by data that tells us what’s most likely to drive engagement and sales.

When you have social ad management and creative from Metric Theory, new product launches, ad personalization, and eye-opening test results are a cinch – and you don’t have to sit at the bottom of your creative team’s to-do list. Give your audience moments of joy and inspiration with new image, motion graphic, and video ads for any social platform.

We’re equipped for any style and size of social ad: square image and video, vertical video, motion graphics, and even original photography and video.

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