Facebook Ads have evolved since their start in 2007, particularly with the acquisition of Instagram and the aesthetic nature that comes with it. As consumers, we all know that a brand’s creative strategy is as important to the success of a marketing campaign as any other factor – if not more. While creative strategy will vary from advertiser to advertiser, the below topics and tools can help kickstart your creative planning for any industry or product offering.

Tying Creative to the Customer Journey

It’s important to keep in mind the customer journey and where users are within the marketing funnel to appropriately market to them. Can you sell ski poles to someone who doesn’t know what skiing is? No – you have to keep in mind the user’s journey and deliver relevant creative and messaging.

At the top of the funnel, where you’re prospecting for new customers, lifestyle imagery helps the consumer understand how your product or service can be of use in their own life. Lifestyle imagery often acts as an avenue to educate the consumer about the brand and subliminally create the connection between the product and the consumer.

As you move down the funnel and remarket to consumers who already know your brand and products, you can become more granular in your creative and focus on product-centric ads. Here you can accentuate features, benefits, and uniqueness compared to other substitutes.

How to Catch Your Customer’s Eye

One way to stand out is to experiment with videos. Think of your own experience scrolling through your feed: you’re more likely to pay slightly more attention to something that is moving rather than a static image. Video is a no-brainer for Facebook, since the algorithm favors them in delivery (and the CPMs are cheaper).

Shorter videos are better. We recommend keeping your video to 15 seconds or less. Hook your audience within the first few seconds. Don’t forget: subtitles! People don’t always have their sound on while they’re scrolling, so ensuring your video has subtitles allows prospects to still get the information you want to convey.

Authenticity and relatability are easy wins when it comes to mixing up your creative testing. User generated content (UGC) is a great way to not only have your ads look organic in the feed but get involved with loyal customers and keep long term business. Alternatively, using testimonials or reviews in your creative and/or copy can create a relatable, attainable aspect to your product or service that can resonate with a lot of audiences.

Leverage Available Resources & Tools

Whether you work with an agency, have an internal team, or both, have open conversations and brainstorming sessions where you can discuss customer personas, industry trends, competitor insights, and shifts in the societal marketplace that you can play off of and learn from to influence your creative strategy.

Facebook also provides tools to help your ideas come to life through programs like the Facebook Creative Hub. Facebook’s Creative Hub allows you to build mockups of ads for your account and can be used for a variety of ad types. You can also leverage the video creation toolkit to turn static images into video via the Creative Hub.


Your creative strategy gives you room to play and experiment when it comes to what will resonate best with your audiences. Whether it be creative themes, ad types, or copy, there is constantly something new to try. Remember, you can have the largest budgets and the best quality audiences–but if your creative isn’t speaking to them, you won’t see the results you’re looking for. Go create! Contact us if you’d like to learn more.