Chelsea Provencio

by Chelsea Provencio | Social Advertising

In order to maximize your ROI while running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, you should often aim to keep your CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) low. The following tips focus on how to lower your Facebook CPMs, increase return on investment, and run highly effective social media ads.

Optimizing your campaigns in real time

Monitoring and optimizing your Facebook campaign’s performance is crucial to ensuring your CPM stays within your target range. Start by aligning your campaign objective with your campaign goals in order to reach users that are more likely to take action after seeing your ad. Try testing different bid types to determine what works best on your targeted audience. To best manage CPM, consider using the Facebook oCPM bid type to ensure your ad is being served to users that are more likely to engage.

Monitor your frequency and relevance score

Similar to Google’s quality score, Facebook’s relevance score determines how well your ad is resonating with your audience. When your relevance score is high, your ad is more likely to be shown over others, effectively lowering the CPM and cost-per-result. When trying to improve your Facebook relevance score:

·       Ensure you are going after a relevant audience

·       Create ad content that speaks to those targeted

·       Test different ads and audiences

Closely tied to relevance score is ad frequency, which is the ratio of your ad’s impressions to its reach. Your optimal frequency depends on your Facebook campaign objective – whether you care more about driving awareness or conversions. If you want to push awareness, you’ll want to keep your ads closer to a frequency of one; if you want to push engagement, you may want to aim for no higher than four.

Having a frequency that is too high likely means your audience is being overexposed to your ad and in turn will take negative actions against it, leading to a lower relevance score and higher CPMs. This makes ad frequency a good indicator for ad fatigue. If you notice your relevance score dropping or ad frequency on the rise, consider refreshing your ad content and revising your targeting, as the audience may be experiencing creative fatigue.

Meaningful and captivating content helps in lowering CPMs

One of the key solutions to increasing Facebook ad relevancy and fostering engagement is to create content that speaks to your audience. Make sure your ad captures attention quickly and displays your message at the forefront. When using Facebook video ads, incorporate your brand message and identity within the first 15 seconds. According to Facebook, 47% of the value in a video campaign is delivered in the first three seconds.

Additionally, ensure your ad features a call-to-action button to further drive engagement and increase ROI. The more people that respond to your ad, the lower your overall ad cost.


If you want to keep costs low, test different variables to gain insights for future Facebook ad campaigns.

With Facebook’s Split Test tool, you can:

·       Determine what creative your audience responds best to

·       Find out what Facebook audiences are the most valuable for your goals

·       Identify what delivery optimizations and placements provide the most results at the most efficient costs

·       Discover what product sets are top performers for your ecommerce brand

·       Use the knowledge gained to better optimize future campaigns

To get the most out of your Facebook Ads budget, follow best practices that help reduce your Facebook CPMs and maximize your ROI. Focus on optimizing in real-time, driving engagement through eye-catching and relevant content, and incorporating robust testing. If you want more help figuring out your Facebook strategy, contact our team.