LinkedIn Ads


Expand Your Sales Pipeline

With the most accurate employment data, LinkedIn is the place for B2B advertisers to get their brands in front of the most qualified prospects. Add us to your network, and we’ll be your connection to more qualified leads.

Content Strategy

Optimize your message, creative, landing pages, and conversion events to find what resonates most with your audience and drives performance.

Prospecting Campaigns

We design and test audiences using LinkedIn’s unique targeting around job titles, functions, groups, skills, and more to find your potential buyers.

Ad Testing

Our experience with LinkedIn’s many ad types and features like Video, Lead Gen Forms, InMail, and more helps you find the right format for real results.


Create a remarketing strategy that engages prospects and closes opportunities, no matter how they entered your sales funnel.

Account-Based Marketing

Combining your audience data with LinkedIn data, we’ll craft a personalized message to reach the entire buying committee for your target accounts.

Lead Quality Optimization

We’ll use your CRM and marketing automation data to focus your budget on the campaigns and messages that create Closed-Won deals.

Client Story: ServiceMax

LinkedIn and other tactics drive a 41% increase in paid media pipeline ROI for field service cloud software.

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152 Individual Tips on LinkedIn Ads

Learn everything from targeting for your first campaign to the data points that matter in our 25-page guide for the next big ad platform you need to know about.

Your ideal companion for:

  • Building a case to launch LinkedIn Ads
  • Budgeting for and maximizing your ROI
  • Learning how our experts manage LinkedIn Ads campaigns

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"Metric Theory is totally committed to not only meet our marketing team's and company's goals, but blow them out of the water. And they're always looking for ways to impact the bigger picture -- they never just stop at conversion goals."

Brianna Farrar, Director of Growth Marketing

Periscope Data

LinkedIn Ads

Make Every Impression Count

LinkedIn Advertising offers perhaps the highest quality audience data and targeting available in B2B digital marketing. You can target by a person’s company, their industry, job role or title, even down to the specific skills and certifications they have, all refreshed in real-time by their users.

The combinations and level of detail are endless, but so is the time you can spend finding the right ones. Use our experience to fast-track an audience strategy that reaches your most qualified prospects, and a message that will feel as if it were written just for them.

Ready to discuss your opportunity with LinkedIn Ads?

Our strategists can build a plan just for LinkedIn Ads or integrate it into a full performance digital plan for your brand.

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Integrated Reporting, Now with LinkedIn Ads

We’re committed to presenting you the most complete picture possible of your customer’s digital path. So emerging channels like LinkedIn Advertising come standard. All of your digital ad data, together in one reporting suite. Close those extra browser tabs, and start planning what you’ll do with your extra time.

B2B Beyond LinkedIn

Looking for more than just a LinkedIn Advertising agency? Metric Theory covers all aspects of performance marketing strategy for our clients. Fuel demand with brand awareness, close and re-engage prospects with search and remarketing, and determine where your best leads are coming from with instant lead quality data built right in to your reporting. We’ll handle it all.

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