LinkedIn has emerged in recent years as a strong advertising platform for B2B advertisers. As a social platform, LinkedIn has massive amounts of data that you can use to your advantage for digital advertising. With LinkedIn, you have access to business-related demographic targeting and account-based marketing (ABM) strategy options. In addition, you are advertising on a site where users are interested in business content. If you aren’t advertising on LinkedIn yet, here’s why you should consider the platform.

Business-Related Audience Targeting

Since LinkedIn is full of business professionals, it has plenty of first-party data that is relevant for B2B targeting. LinkedIn has data on where someone works, what their exact title is, and even their seniority. This level of data gives you many different audience segments to advertise with. For example, if you want to target Directors of Marketing at a technology company with at least 100 employees, you have the ability to do so. All you would have to do is input that specific job title, company industry, and company size – and just like that, the audience is built.

This level of targeting granularity allows you to send the right message to the right people, to make sure that your sales team is satisfied with the high-quality leads coming through the door. Furthermore, if you later find that your target audience has changed, then you also have the ability to change your audience demographics based on the change in targeting.

Account-Based Marketing Strategy

ABM has become a large part of B2B advertising strategy in recent years, and LinkedIn has specific features that make it the perfect platform to use for ABM advertising. One of LinkedIn’s most useful features is called Matched Audiences, through which you can upload email addresses, company names, as well as URLs to the platform. Using that upload, as well as demographic overlays, you can then push advertisements to audiences that your sales or marketing teams have designated as potential customers, or even customers that your marketing team wants to nurture more before handing them off to sales.

Native Site Experience

Since LinkedIn is a major social platform for business professionals, the experience on the platform is built for business. Unlike on Facebook, users on the LinkedIn platform are more likely to expect to engage in business-related activities and see business related content in their newsfeeds. Seeing an ad for a B2B SaaS product would not be out of the norm on LinkedIn, since users would be seeing organic content in the same vein. Furthermore, since the advertising content on LinkedIn is similar to the organic content, users tend to be high intent once they click on your ads.

Overall, LinkedIn presents a great opportunity to distribute highly-targeted advertisements on a platform where your potential B2B customers are spending their time.