Client Story

Five9 is the industry leading provider of cloud call center software. With over 2,000 customers worldwide and 3 billion+ customer calls processed, Five9 is helping contact centers of all sizes create powerful customer connections.

The Challenge

Five9 is looking to reach executives, decision makers, and influencers whose roles intersect business with technology, a notoriously competitive target market. So the Metric Theory challenge was to find this audience to generate new interest early in the customer journey, and then capture and close it further down the funnel. Five9 asked Metric Theory to optimize for the quality of demand generation – to increase call duration (our indicator of quality) while improving overall sales.

"Metric Theory brings to the table a phenomenal team that's been incredibly well trained, not just in paid search and display, but really in all aspects of the business. Their value add is their ability to understand your business and help translate what they know to help you run your business better."

Jason Yang

VP of Demand Generation

"Not only have there been conversion rate improvements, but also the engagement of users on our website, and we've seen improvement there by a lot of different recommendations that Metric Theory's made."

Andrew Gai

Web Marketing Manager

Our Display Strategy


Customer Base Analysis: To ensure the users we were targeting across Five9’s digital funnel fit their target profile, we conducted customer analysis with historical data to isolate the demographic, behavioral, and interest segments that best indicate a potential customer.

Curated Display Targeting: From that historical customer understanding, we crafted targeting combinations to isolate highly relevant users. The targeting types we leveraged included similar audiences, placements, topic categories, in-market audiences, demographic overlays, and device modifiers. To see any Five9 display ad, a user had to check several boxes of relevancy.

Customer Segment Strategy: Five9 services enterprise, commercial and SMB customers, all of which have specific needs and pain points. Metric Theory implemented segment-specific phone call tracking, ad testing, and targeting expansion to maximize the customization for each customer journey.

Demand Funnel & Lead Quality: To fully understand the quality of the leads driven by SEM, Metric Theory monitors Five9’s Salesforce CRM database to track three intermediate steps from SEM conversion to closed deal. With this data, we can evaluate isolate and expand on sources of enterprise leads.

Performance Results


increase in overall call duration


decrease in junk calls


increase in assisted conversions


increase in enterprise deals from SEM year-over-year