Client Story

Subscription Boxes for a Life Well Lived

Fun, full-sized products and accessories regularly delivered to your door. What could be more fabulous? Curated seasonal products, ranging from beauty to fitness, help FabFitFun stand out in the subscription box world.

The Goal: New Customer Acquisition

When FabFitFun started working with Metric Theory, they wanted to reduce new customer acquisition cost and increase the number of new customers coming in the door.

Metric Theory’s Strategy

We started by helping FabFitFun split their audience between those familiar and unfamiliar with the brand to best measure net new customer acquisition. That allowed us to individualize messaging to each audience to test what best resonated with each.

Growth-Focused Prospecting: Display & Video

Both FabFitFun and Metric Theory understand the necessity of assessing value on high-funnel prospecting campaigns like video and display differently in evaluating performance.

  • Worked together to establish a value system for engagement metrics for display and video that built a business case for FabFitFun and rolled those metrics and values into our reporting
  • Added YouTube to introduce FabFitFun’s brand and product experience to a new audience, and used a direct response approach to aid new customer acquisition

"With the number of subscription services adding up and more competitors entering the market all the time, finding new growth opportunities while keeping customer acquisition costs minimized is the name of the game. Partnering with Metric Theory has been a huge help for us to do that."

Vanessa Landivar

Manager, Acquisition Marketing

New Prospecting Audiences

Taking an audience-centric approach across all digital channels, we rigorously tested new audiences and messaging to drive growth.

  • Remarketing audiences are used to re-engage prospects who have visited, but not purchased
  • We employed additional audience groups defined by search and browsing history, past purchases, and more to help us reach people in our customer profile

The Result

Implementing these strategies and more, Metric Theory and FabFitFun drove massive growth in new customer acquisition and beat performance expectations on prospecting channels.


increase in new customers year-over-year


reduction in Cost/New Customer on Search


better Cost/New Customer than goal for Video & Display