Generation Tux

Client Story
Disrupting a Traditional Industry to Bring Tuxedos to Your Door

Wedding attire planning has never been easier. Generation Tux’s seamless customer experience and impeccable fit and style provide no-hassle formal attire for wedding parties and special occasions. Instead of traveling store-to-store to find the perfect tuxedo, Generation Tux makes it possible to find it at home, without putting your life on hold.

The Goal

Generation Tux came to Metric Theory with two specific goals:

    • Grow revenue from digital advertising
    • Improve the quality of customers

Working with the GenTux team, we produced a plan to move beyond an overall customer acquisition goal that favored one-off rentals to drive more group rentals for full wedding parties.

Metric Theory's Strategy

Building an ideal customer profile for Generation Tux, Metric Theory determined their most qualified customers using lookalike modeling and demographic analysis. We then worked to activate these new audiences across programs and presented messaging tailored to fit the new goals.

Lead Quality Analysis

Metric Theory integrated tracking on a new metric, wedding account creation, to better understand ad impact on their ideal customer. With that real-time data to determine the campaigns driving the highest volume of wedding-specific account creates, the team was able to plan more effective campaign budget allocation and expansion strategy.

Audience Targeting & Custom Messaging

By layering on audience targeting, Generation Tux’s Metric Theory team could find more qualified audiences on historically successful searches. We leveraged new audiences like those similar to past purchasers, in-market audiences, and custom intent audiences that populate based on previous search history, to find hyper-qualified audiences to grow into. Then, we targeted the new audiences with qualifying ad copy to ensure the highest percent of wedding category leads.

"We have a complicated business model. Metric Theory has worked to not only understand that model, but to help us execute it in this ever-changing digital space."

Nathan Bellah

Director of Marketing

The Results

Implementing these strategies and more, Metric Theory drove 750% more leads year-over-year, while increasing the share of those leads coming from wedding parties, GenTux’s most coveted customer category.

Performance Results


increase in overall lead volume year-over-year


of leads are now from the highest-quality Wedding category

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