Too Faced

Client Story

Too Faced Cosmetics is finding the perfect balance of tradition and progress with a three-word motto. “Own your pretty,” says Krysta Brown, senior manager of digital marketing at the company. “That phrase means, no matter who you are, no matter what style you’re into, Too Faced empowers women to own it.” Every day, Krysta comes to work with a mandate that is both challenging and thrilling: Get the word out about Too Faced, encourage women everywhere to create their own unique version of pretty, and continue the upward trajectory of the company’s growth.

“We do a lot of testing to see what markets perform best for us,” she explains. “It’s dependent on the current strategy, the product offering and who we’re going after. Within all of digital marketing, we continuously test to see who we want to reach based on the goals of a particular campaign.”


Metric Theory + Too Faced: A Lovely Partnership

Enter Metric Theory, a data-driven marketing company that focuses on four key elements — data, technology, communication and results — to achieve market-leading results. Metric Theory’s founding team has grown the company by embracing and seeking to understand paid search innovation — never running from it. “I’ve tried to take a longer view,” co-Founder Adam Edwards reasons. “Using and leveraging technology for automation and leveraging that data we have more effectively is always going to be a positive. That’s what allows us, as marketers, to focus on things like stronger ad copy, or how to reinvest in different channels or different campaigns within the account.”

Metric Theory’s partnership with Too Faced has been immensely successful in not only getting the word out about the cosmetics company, but also testing Edwards’ long view.  “Too Faced is a good example,” he explains. “We’ll see at the end of the day that a customer converted on a search for the brand term, ‘Too Faced,’ but there were a lot of other touchpoints along the way. We always want to take those into account, to make sure that we’re reinvesting in the appropriate places to drive the right growth, and investing in the keywords and campaigns that actually led to that eventual conversion.”

From the Client

"We've been working with Metric Theory since the beginning of 2014. They've really been an integral part of the growth we've seen within our dot-com business. In that time, we’ve been cleaning up accounts and getting more granular in the way we bid, targeting our keywords and driving traffic to the site. It's evident, in regard to the performance we've seen year over year within our paid search program, we're definitely moving in the right direction."

Krysta Brown

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing


Pulling Levers for Customer Acquisition on Bing

According to Brown, Bing Ads is extremely conducive to the data needs required by Metric Theory and her own company. “We always want to test new things, try new ways of how we target our customers, finding the right qualified customers and driving them back to the site. That can really get us the performance that we want out of our paid search program,” she explains. “Through these tests, we’re consistently seeing people coming in through our Bing advertising that are higher average order value (AOV) customers. We’re also driving a higher percentage of new visitors through Bing, as compared to our paid search efforts on other search engines, and we see higher conversion rates with a lower investment.”

Bing Performance Improvements


higher CTR


higher conversion rate


increase in AOV

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