Client Story

The team at Tradesy is committed to one mission – to make great style affordable and accessible to everyone.  Tradesy is the leading peer to peer marketplace for women’s fashion, allowing women to list anything in their closets they’re not using and buy new designer looks from other sellers.

The Goal & the Challenge

Metric Theory partnered with Tradesy on multiple digital advertising goals, particularly new customer acquisition. Tradesy wanted to increase the granularity and sophistication of their new customer acquisition program, and improve both volume and efficiency.

Tradey’s customer is very selective, frequently taking days or weeks to convert and interacting with dozens of ads on their journey to purchase. Effectively staying with a prospective customer from first interaction to final purchase requires a curated ad experience across every digital channel. On top of that, the world of fashion advertising is cutthroat competitive, with dozens of brands, retailers and resellers competing for the same dollar in revenue.

"The way that MT has accelerated our growth is by looking at areas where can have unique opportunity or value and do a lot better than the competition. MT has done an incredible job of being flexible to look at performance the way we look at it, and that has led to meaningful, measurable returns for our business."

Sash Catanzarite

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

"MT understands our business in a way no other agency has. When I think about that relationship with clients and agencies, you go from being a vendor to partner to trusted advisor - and we’re there with Metric Theory."

Kamini Lane

Chief Marketing Officer



Multi-Channel Approach: To ensure that every user interaction with Tradesy added value and gently pulled the user one step closer to conversion, the MT SEM & Social teams worked together to understand what each customer persona needed at each step of the purchase process. Metric Theory customized ad types, ad creative, promotions, ad frequency, and device strategy for each customer depending on where they’re at in the funnel, which led to much more effective multi-channel customer acquisition.

Feeds & Shopping: Shopping ads are critical to Tradesy’s success, and a sophisticated Shopping strategy starts with the feed. To enable insightful campaign structure, MT optimized Tradesy’s feed to include custom labeling for all designer brands, product categories, and top individual products, in addition to including brand names in all titles and descriptions. That feed structure allowed for a granular campaign structure that enabled smooth, insightful performance-based optimization, while the title and description optimizations ensured that Tradesy’s products always appeared next to the most relevant search volume possible. These strategies resulted in a +35% gain in Shopping purchase volume YoY.

Performance Display: As with many ecommerce brands, Tradesy is always focused on new customer acquisition. In order to fill the advertising funnel with relevant future customers, MT launched full-funnel efforts on Display, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. With the Google Display Network reaching 90% of internet users, Display was an integral part of this expansion. To ensure that Tradesy’s ad dollars were only going to the most relevant potential customers possible, Metric Theory implemented a custom Display strategy leveraging topic, affinity, in-market, keyword, and placement targeting, with overlays of gender and income demographics. The results? A +53% lift in new customer acquisition.

Performance Results


increase in new customer ROAS


increase in new customer Average Order Value (AOV)


increase in overall paid search revenue