New Lead Sources? Ask And You Shall Receive.

Zenefits is HR software for the new world of work. Tackling basics like benefits and payroll to employee performance, Zenefits features an employee-centric interface and mobile-first features to make work simple and enjoyable.

The Goal

Zenefits came to Metric Theory looking for new ideas and avenues for growth. Already being one of the best-known HR software platforms on the market, they not only wanted to improve their existing customer acquisition programs, but also tap into breakthrough approaches to generating leads.

Zenefits challenged Metric Theory to grow new customer acquisition by finding new ways of reaching their target audience:

  • HR Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Startup Leadership

"Metric Theory is tenacious when it comes to new tests and new ways to reach our audience to find growth opportunities. We're never satisfied, and neither are they."

Yuri Daniels

Director of Performance Marketing

The Solution: Quora Ads 

With more than 300 million people visiting every month to read and write answers, Quora Ads jumped out as an ideal platform for Zenefits to test for finding more of their target audience where intent was high.

Interest Targeting

Interest targeting allowed Zenefits to show ads to users based on recent actions on Quora, like topic follows or content consumption. Metric Theory tested individuals who have demonstrated interest in HR, small business, or startup-related topics to connect with Zenefits’ ideal audience.


Lookalike Audiences to Amplify Reach

Metric Theory worked with Zenefits to create lookalike audiences based on segments from previous site visitors, experimenting with profiles and match percentages to determine how much reach Zenefits could obtain while maintaining target acquisition cost.

Performance Results

60% Lower Cost/Lead

comparing Zenefits’ existing search and social channels

50% Lower CPCs

comparing Zenefits’ existing search and social channels