Amanda Ferrante

SVP, Revenue

Amanda oversees Metric Theory’s client relationships at a high level, working with the entire Account Services team to manage renewal processes, pricing and strategy for the growing client base. She simultaneously drives Metric Theory’s PR & marketing efforts.

With a background in sales, Amanda works with the Account Services teams to ensure that Metric Theory is communicating performance results and future strategy to all clients, resulting in customer success and retention. Amanda is passionate about people development and uses her sales coaching experience to further develop the Account Services team’s presentation skills.

Amanda is an original Metric Theory team member, creating the company with the founders after 5+ years at the Meltwater Group. She led several sales offices in the US and Canada as a Managing Director and entered the SEM world at Meltwater Reach in 2011. Her passion for B2B technology and online retail has led her to uncover opportunities for growth and win SEM clients on both the IR500 and Fortune 500 lists.

Amanda also spent 3 years at a full-service advertising agency executing creative print, web, public relations, and corporate event programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Public Relations from Montclair State University.