We hear you, and Amazon…is starting to hear you — you want your brand voice to shine through. Because of this, Amazon has provided more opportunities over time to promote branded creative on their platform. We’ve collected those here to help your brand stand out on Amazon so that you can start building affinity with new buyers that can last beyond an initial purchase.

Amazon Store Page

This has been out for a little bit now, so if you haven’t created your own Amazon Store page, now is the time to get on it. The only requirement is that you need to have your brand registered with Amazon. The creation of the store is relatively easy — you simply need to select a template and then upload photos, videos, and products into each section. It’s also very easy to create different sections and subsections to help Amazon shoppers navigate your product lines. We recommend taking full advantage of this and being thoughtful about your page layout and content choices. Review what your favorite brands are doing and use that as inspiration for your own Amazon Store.

Having a store page also helps when you’re creating Sponsored Brand Ads. These ads typically show up at the top of search results, and users who click on your logo on these ads are taken to either your Amazon Store page or a custom landing page. By creating a Store page, and using Sponsored Brand Ads to drive searchers to your store, you’re able to create a more cohesive,  customized experience for potential customers.

Videos in Search (Beta)

Currently in beta, this is a great way to highlight your product and capture the attention of people scrolling by. Although there are extensive requirements for these videos, this is a great opportunity to highlight how your product could be used, explain more sophisticated features, and of course, show customers a bit about YOU. In order to gain access to the video in search beta, contact your Amazon representative. From there, try adding this ad type to highly competitive non-brand keywords. The video will help you stand out and increase your CTR.

Post on Amazon (Beta)

Say hello to a FREE option to add some fun creative and messaging to your toolkit. Much like posts on any major social media platform, this feature helps you get more organic exposure for your products.

This beta aims to increase customer exploration on the Amazon platform by allowing people to browse “feeds” of posts that are instantly shoppable. Since this is a new feature that doesn’t cost money for placements, it’s definitely worth launching and testing to understand the traffic potential. Try using your most eye-catching creative here, like those from top ads and organic posts from your brand’s social media channels.

A/B testing A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content)

A+ Content is the custom description you can see on product description pages, and it is one of the main places where your brand voice can shine through. Now, you have the ability to A/B test different A+ Content descriptions and easily compare performance between them, which allows you to nail down the best information to include in your messaging. Focusing on your brand voice here is an excellent way to build a connection with people looking at your product, so this is a great fine-tuning opportunity especially if you have a mature account.

If you’re looking for help navigating Amazon’s landscape and the many emerging opportunities for your brand, contact our team.