In the past couple months, Facebook has rolled out some exciting, new tools for creative asset customization. Learning to utilize these to elevate your creative can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a successful, engaging campaign.

What is placement customization, and why does it matter?

Placement customization options allow you to customize body copy and creative across varying placements within the same ad unit. This means that, within one ad, you can have a 1080×1080 image set for Facebook Mobile News Feed and a 1080×1920 set for Instagram Stories, for example.

Before asset customization, you had to have a separate ad set dedicated to Instagram Stories as a placement in order to take advantage of IG stories-specific aspect ratios. This new feature ultimately yields enhanced efficiency.

Let’s dive into some of the specifics around Instagram Stories.

Customizing IG Stories Ads to IG Stories-Specific Aspect Ratios

Take advantage of asset customization to gain control over your IG stories ads. Customizing creative to the 1080×1920 format makes your ads appear more native – users are more likely to engage with IG stories ads that look like a story of someone they follow as opposed to quickly tapping on through.

Get more screenshare by leveraging this tool. When an ad takes up the entire screen real estate, users are also more likely to click through and ultimately convert. Nevertheless, there’s no place to include headline and body copy with this IG Stories format. For that reason, take advantage of text overlays to convey key product USPs or whatever message you want to get across.


Let’s look at a real life example. When we optimized our IG Stories ads for luxury baby client, Norman & Jules, we saw +208% lift in clickthrough rate period over period. The following ads are correctly sized for IG stories and communicate a message with text overlay, all while maintaining brand cohesiveness.


Implement these customizations to take your creative to the next level. If you want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our all-star team.