Remarketing allows an advertiser to reach customers who have shown interest in their product or service with a previous site visit. Google Analytics Remarketing, more specifically, is beginning to pick-up speed as a powerful way to supplement the widely-found success of AdWords Remarketing.

Google Analytics Remarketing provides an advertiser with the ability to target previous site visitors without having to place an additional tracking code on their site. This allows for quickly implementing new campaigns that can drive additional revenue or leads.


  • As mentioned, no additional code is required to begin using Google Analytics Remarketing, which allows for fast implementation
  • GA remarketing now works with RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
  • Advanced targeting using cross-channel audience segmentation capabilities, behavior data, engagement data, and purchases of particular products (to name a few).


In order to begin using this feature, only a few simple steps will need to be completed:

Step 1: Make sure you have Edit permission in Google Analytics.

Step 2: Enable advertising features in the Admin section of GA.


Step 3: Ensure that the desired Google AdWords account is linked.


Step 4: All Remarketing Audiences using Google Analytics segmentation will need to be created within the Google Analytics UI. Navigate to the Admin tab in GA, and create those at the Property level.


Remarketing Audience Utilization

Google Analytics provides 7 recommended audiences that advertisers may choose from:


Custom Segmentation Examples

In addition to the recommended audiences, you can create a number of custom audiences using specific data from GA:

  • Remarketing to supplement email blasts: Segment those visitors and follow up with Display and RLSA efforts.
  • Highly Engaged Visitors: Create a segment based on the time spent on the website.
  • Direct Traffic: Create a list based on users who come directly to your website.
  • High Value Purchasers: Create a list based on a previous order size.
  • Users Who Interacted Socially: Create a remarketing list to visitors who found the site using social media.
  • Long Time Customers: Create a list based on first time purchase date.
  • Mobile Visitor Audiences: Target visitors who previously visited on mobile.
  • Exclude people with high bounce rates.

Limitations for RLSA

In addition to specifying that GA audiences must contain 1,000+ users for RLSA, Google has also restricted the following segments from being used with RLSA:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Location
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Browser
  • Browser Version
  • Screen Resolution
  • Screen Colors
  • Device Category
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Device Branding
  • Mobile Device Model
  • Mobile Device Info
  • Mobile Device Marketing Name

These GA audiences can still be used for Display remarketing campaigns.

Lastly, there is one audience that is not yet available for remarketing.  Days Since Last Session can’t be used at this time: