Medical Guardian

Client Story

Medical Guardian’s mission is to empower older adults to live a life without limits. Medical Guardian sells in-home and personal medical alert systems that allow the user to communicate with a certified medical operator in the event of an emergency, giving security and peace of mind to the user and their loved ones. Before working with Metric Theory, Medical Guardian was investing in paid search, but many of its sales closed when the customer called their phone number, so they could not identify which campaigns and keywords drove the most orders.


The Strategy: Increase SEM Sales

Track Phone Calls: Metric Theory integrated our technology partner Kenshoo directly with Marchex, Medical Guardian’s phone call tracking software to allow us to identify how many phone calls came from every campaign and calculate the cost per lead from each campaign

Track Qualified Leads: Metric Theory implemented UTM parameters to track each incoming lead back to the campaign, keyword and ad that drove this lead. We then created a custom Salesforce report to calculate the cost per qualified lead and conversion to qualified rate of every incoming lead.

Identify Top Performers: With data in hand, Metric Theory identified top performing keyword sets and expanded upon them to grow total leads as well as qualified leads and revenue.

From the Client

"Metric Theory has allowed us to rapidly scale our search program to hit lead and sale metrics that we didn’t think possible in such a short period of time."

Matt Guerrieri, Vice President of Marketing

Medical Guardian


Metric Theory Performance Improvements: Growth in Leads, Qualified Leads & Sales

Metric Theory’s strategy drove major improvements in both leads and qualified leads for Medical Guardian. Total PPC leads increased nearly 66% under Metric Theory management. Qualified leads increased 40% – 60% YoY for every month under management, while cost per qualified lead remained steady. Total sales also increased nearly 25% in the first year working with Metric Theory. “Metric Theory has allowed us to rapidly scale our search program to hit lead and sale metrics that we didn’t think possible in such a short period of time, “ says Matt Guerrieri, Vice President of Marketing at Medical Guardian. “It’s truly enjoyable when someone who is not in your company is as excited about growing your business as you are.”

Performance Results


increase in total PPC leads


increase in total qualified leads and no change in cost per qualified lead


increase in total sales in first year of management

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