Client Story

Over 15 million players and 5,000 sports organization use TeamSnap’s web and mobile apps to take the hassle out of managing, coaching or organizing team sports. Metric Theory was challenged to use as many channels as possible to grow users of both their team and B2B products, while optimizing to active user metrics and lifetime value.

Growth Strategy: Digital Video

  • Using YouTube to target existing TeamSnap users, Metric Theory positioned video ads announcing the new B2B solution, increasing awareness and driving more rapid adoption of the enterprise product
  • A deep analysis of TeamSnap’s current customer data resulted in expanded reach for YouTube videos among highly qualified audiences not currently using TeamSnap’s products
  • Metric Theory significantly expanded TeamSnap’s targeted YouTube channels to include dozens of sites relevant to youth and recreational sports

"Metric Theory’s marketing strategy across AdWords and Bing, YouTube and multiple mobile advertising channels has helped us to exceed our aggressive acquisition goals."

Ken McDonald, Chief Growth Officer


Acquisition Marketing from A-Z

  • LTV Reporting: As TeamSnap’s goals have evolved toward active users and lifetime revenue, Metric Theory has created custom reporting that integrates their app and user data, allowing us to report on traditional user acquisition metrics while guiding their budget toward the most business-critical KPI’s
  • Search Expansion: Metric Theory significantly expanded targeting of new users through the addition of new keywords and geographies
  • Mobile App Advertising: Given that TeamSnap is a mobile-first solution, Metric Theory launched several mobile marketing channels:
    • Led TeamSnap’s early adoption of Apple Search Ads, where we leveraged user engagement metrics to drive a profitable ROAS in our first months on the platform
    • Optimized TeamSnap’s Google Universal App Campaigns based on in-app actions to ensure that we efficiently target high-ROAS first-time users
    • Designed mobile-specific search campaigns to target and message specifically to incoming mobile traffic, improving conversions

Performance Results


increase in B2B leads year-over-year


increase in direct YouTube B2B leads year-over-year


increase in AdWords mobile conversions year-over-year