We don’t sit on Santa’s lap anymore, but that doesn’t mean Metric Theory’s marketing experts don’t have a 2015 holiday wish list. Here’s hoping that we ended up on the nice list instead of the naughty list, and that at least a few of these wishes are granted in 2016.

santa list

We really hope that auto-UTM Google synchronization is on there somewhere. Photo via Pixabay/CC BY

Comparative Auction Insights Reports

Google has improved the AdWords UI tremendously to make it easier to view comparative performance. But it still requires a Ghost of AdWords Past (or at least some time-consuming data pulls and Excel work) to compare auction insights numbers across different periods, or to map trending auction insights data over time. Next year, I hope Google gives us the functionality to seamlessly view auction insights trends.

Adam Edwards
VP, Account Services

Auto-UTM Google Synchronization

It wasn’t hard to determine who got me a portable banana holder in this year’s White Elephant gift exchange, but it can be tough to know which of my YouTube campaigns is driving the best results. That’s why I wish that Google’s auto-UTM tagging would work with YouTube campaigns, allowing me to see which ad groups and targeting methods are driving specific goal completions in Google Analytics. As is, it’s a little difficult to optimize YouTube campaigns when I can only see performance at the Campaign and Video level in Google Analytics.

Alyssa Codd
Senior Manager and Video Marketing Specialist

Tablet Bid Adjustments on Google

I hope 2016 is the year Google finally lets us make performance-based bid adjustments for tablets, similar to the mobile device adjustments we can already make. Google already displays tablet performance separately from mobile and desktop, but won’t let me set a bid adjustment, which is a little like putting out Christmas presents and not letting me open them. My December account work next year will be filled with much more holiday joy if I can adjust bids for tablets separately from mobile and desktop devices.

Katie Brady
Senior Account Manager

Connecting Online Advertising with In-Store Visits

Although the constant flow of package deliveries to MT’s offices might indicate otherwise, lots of people still shop in physical stores. How about if Google connects the dots between online advertising and in-store visits? They have some momentum going with their Store Visits beta, which helps retailers estimate the number of store visits resulting from digital interactions. We know our paid-search efforts increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, but it would be fantastic to have an accurate and reliable measure of this for all clients moving forward.

Derek Gerberich
Senior Account Manager

Better Cross-Device Reporting in AdWords

One huge advantage of Facebook is the ability to track the purchase path from mobile clicks to desktop purchases. In paid search, we often have lower mobile bids because we see fewer direct purchases on mobile devices. While Google has made strides, it could use more transparency and better cross-device reports in Google Analytics as well. The best present I can think of would be a function that maps the entire digital ecosystem, from a mobile Facebook click to a desktop Google click to the final purchase! This would help us invest our ad spend more effectively in channels and devices that drive more early interactions but fewer direct sales.

Eve Denton
Senior Manager

Easier Application of RLSA Audiences in AdWords Editor

We got an early gift this year when AdWords Editor began to allow management of Shopping Remarketing Lists, but Editor still makes it overly complicated to apply Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. My wish for 2016 is for AdWords Editor to simplify the application of Bid Only RLSA overlays. The current process is a complicated scavenger hunt that brings you to the darkest subtabs of the AdWords Editor interface. Let’s shine some holiday light on the bid only vs. target-and-bid function in AdWords Editor!

Andrea Selby
Account Manager

Separate Search Partner Bidding

This is an oldie but a goodie, and an important request that advertisers have had on their wish lists for a long, long time. Advertisers often see different performance (sometimes better, sometimes worse) on Search Partners, and it’s essential that advertisers have bidding control. Google may have legacy contracts with specific Search Partners that do not allow for separate bidding, but Google should find a solution. Whether that solution is guaranteed minimums or buying out the contracts, Google will benefit in the long-run from allowing advertisers to bid to performance. Hopefully, this will be resolved next year and won’t still be lurking around on 2016 holiday wish lists.

Jeremy Brown

Happy Holidays, and here’s to a great 2016!