Microsoft Ads – or the artist formerly known as “Bing” – is growing in share and scope, and continues to differentiate itself from competitors with several unique features. In a previous blog post, we spoke to Bing Ads’ granular settings & search partners control, as well as the initial launch of exclusive sitelinks. Since then, Microsoft Ads has emphasized their pursuit past parity and launched even more exciting features and options. These tools are definitely worth taking advantage of to help improve PPC performance. Read on to learn about three key components to level-up your SEM campaigns.

1) Exclusive Extensions

Microsoft has launched a number of platform-unique ad extensions that complement effective ads and attract higher click-through and conversion rates. Among the most notable are Action and Review Extensions.

Action extensions allow you to add a call-to-action button directly next to your ad on the SERP that links to a defined landing page. With the ability to highlight up to 70 different predefined CTAs, you can attract ready-to-convert customers and bring them to a tailored landing page. According to Microsoft, action extensions increased CTRs by 20% on average when in beta.

Microsoft Ads - Action Extension


Review extensions are nothing new, but Google sunsetted the popular review extension in 2018. These extensions allow you to highlight positive third-party reviews within your search ad. Promoting these trust metrics bolsters searcher confidence in your business, and makes a larger, more visibly enticing ad.

Microsoft Ads - Review Extension


2) Ad Customizers by Audience

Ad customizers are an important piece of the e-commerce advertiser’s playbook. Customizers provide tailored messaging that is hyper-relevant to the searcher as well as your product offering. They can be used to insert prices, dates, search location, and so much more. The result? More relevant ads and higher CTR and conversion rates.

Microsoft Ads brought customizers one step further and introduced Ad Customizers by Audience. Microsoft users can customize copy for a dictated audience – such as a remarketing list – to improve CTR and provide a hyper-relevant ad experience on a SERP.

3) Linkedin Profile Targeting

Microsoft’s acquisition of the professional networking platform LinkedIn tapped them into powerful B2B audience targeting possibilities. The integration allows advertisers to target their campaigns by company, industry, and job function using LinkedIn’s first-party data. These robust B2B targeting options provide a compelling case for Microsoft-specific campaigns for B2B advertisers. Currently, advertisers can only provide bid modifiers on existing keywords for search ads, but with the Microsoft Audience Network, you can set bid modifiers or exclusively target your audience. This option allows for B2B advertisers to exclusively reach their defined audience with a display campaign, something previously reserved for campaigns within the LinkedIn platform.


Microsoft Ads has developed several unique features that beg your attention when launching new SEM campaigns. With impressive targeting options, unique ad extensions, and customizers, it may be time to dive into Microsoft Ads, and get a little granular. Contact us to learn more.