We just passed the two-year anniversary of Google’s Customer Match launch, which seemed like a good time to compile some of the better AdWords Customer Match strategies I’ve seen applied for Metric Theory clients since that time. Sound fun? Let’s get to it. In no particular order…

Find More Unicorns

I define a “unicorn” as the customer we all want. They purchase big items and keep coming back. They’re your most loyal customers, top advocates, largest seat size leads, and most frenzied followers. So take your historical customer data and find those unicorns. Put their emails in a list and upload it to AdWords. Then, like magic, Google will create a similar audience list based on those emails by finding new audiences across the web that most closely resemble your unicorn list. Look at that, more unicorns!

Nurture Your Customer Base

We all have customers that need a little nudge along the way. Maybe it’s a marketing qualified lead who has yet to schedule a sales demo. That free user who hasn’t quite pulled the trigger on the premium account just yet. Or the customer who hasn’t returned to purchase another water filter yet, and you know they’re past due (based on when their last water filter was purchased). Gather these customers at varying stages of your purchase funnel and put them into corresponding customer match lists. From those lists, show each customer the proper offer or give them a well-timed email nudge – it’s amazing what influence this can have on your overall customer sales cycle!

Increase Customer Renewal Rate

Who doesn’t want higher renewal rates? Create customer match lists based upon month of customer subscription renewal and hit those customers with a Gmail ad reminding them how much they need your product or service about six weeks before they make the decision to continue or not. We’ve seen success in elevating company renewal success rates from this tactic.

Stop Paying For Customer Service Calls

Sometimes your current customers need your help. So, what do they do? They type your brand name into Google and click on your PPC ad to get to your website and call you, of course. Creating a customer match list of all current customers and excluding that list from viewing your ads ensures you won’t pay for those customer service clicks moving forward.

Digitize Your Print Campaigns

Customer match isn’t limited to just email addresses. You can upload and match physical mailing addresses as well. The next time you find yourself wondering what to do with a pricey print advertising campaign, think about digitizing it! If you can match your mailing addresses to their corresponding online profiles, you can transform your print mailing campaign into a sleek, low-cost Gmail ads emailing initiative.

Find any of these ideas interesting and need help implementing for your AdWords account? Reach out to the Metric Theory team today!

Find any of these ideas interesting and need help implementing for your AdWords account? Reach out to the Metric Theory team today!