At Metric Theory, our product is our people. Hiring outstanding employees is imperative for scaling our business, driving strong results for our clients, and maintaining our award-winning company culture. Finding the best account managers starts with our recruitment process and our ability to source and hire strong talent. Beyond the hard skills, like strong analytical and communication skills, our recruitment team is looking for these 5 intangible qualities that make for awesome employees.

If you possess these qualities and are enthusiastic about digital marketing, then check out our current openings for SEM and social media analysts and managers.

Group of four young professionals in a meeting.

These 5 qualities can be hard to pin down, but are essential for our employees to have. Image via Pexels.

Ability to Take Feedback

Metric Theory provides a fast career track, and our employees must continually learn and improve their skillsets to expedite their careers. We provide positive and constructive feedback daily, and we cover larger focus areas in our quarterly performance reviews. Accepting feedback and acting to improve is how our employees continue to hone their marketing skills and drive the best possible results for our clients. We look for employees who embrace constructive feedback and work towards improving their focus areas so they can progress quickly through our career track, crush client goals, and make a larger impact on the business.


We are a quickly growing company in a fast-paced industry, which means there are abundant opportunities for employees to improve our services and organization. Metric Theory employees have gone above and beyond to lead projects as diverse as creating new business offerings, increasing our social media presence, and reorganizing our internal communications protocol. We look for people who don’t just accept the status quo, but rather challenge it and identify opportunities to create innovative solutions that will continually improve our business.


A fast career track and more responsibility inherently comes with challenges. We look for employees who take challenges in stride. More specifically, we need individuals who can recognize mistakes or sub-optimal choices. Metric Theory employees are always leveraging their previous experiences, including both successes and shortcomings, to overcome future challenges. Driven employees are looking for the best solution and leveraging past learnings into future knowledge.


Working at a quickly growing and changing company in an industry that is constantly evolving means we need our employees to be adaptable. The way things worked a year ago might be completely different from how we operate now, so we need employees who are comfortable and can adapt with the fast-paced change that occurs here at Metric Theory. This could mean testing betas for new Google products, taking leadership of a cross-channel advertiser, or helping out with our internal marketing. When Metric Theory has a business need, we look to our employees to step up to fill it.

Team Player

“Two Heads are Better Than One” is exactly why we view team work as so important. Some of our most impactful client work and internal improvements stem from employees working together. And as Metric Theory growth, there are more and more opportunities for collaboration, such as working on teams across our three offices, or helping to scale one of our service offerings. We look for employees who enjoy collaborating with others on projects to improve our business together.

Hard SEM skills, like data analytics and strong client communications, are vital for any successful marketing manager. But intangible qualities like proactiveness and teamwork are what make successful marketers and awesome employees. If you fit this profile, go ahead and check out our current job openings!