As employees at Advertising Age’s Best Place to Work in 2015, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. From great teammates and clients to exciting new releases from Google, here’s what MT’s PPC experts will be giving thanks for at this week’s in-office turkey and stuffing lunch.


For marketers, the real holiday is on Friday. And Monday. Image via Wikipedia/CC BY

Shopping Remarketing Lists

The union of Google Shopping campaigns and RLSA remarketing lists is the best combo since pumpkin and pie. Released in 2015, Shopping Remarketing lets me funnel Google Shopping budgets to audiences most likely to convert, like recent site visitors and shopping cart abandoners. Shopping Remarketing audiences have consistently shown CTRs and conversion rates 60% – 150% higher than Shopping campaigns without remarketing.

Madeline Kuttner
Senior Manager and Shopping Specialist


This Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for Ghostery, a wonderful extension that displays the pixels firing on individual pages. As MT’s “Pixel Wizard,” this tool saves me countless hours scanning through source code. If a client’s Remarketing lists have suddenly stopped picking up traffic, Ghostery lets me quickly check a number of pages and instantly tells me whether or not the pixel is firing. Conversions suddenly dropped off in AdWords? Ghostery can check to see if the pixel is firing.

Danielle Mason
Senior Account Manager and Pixel Wizard

Customer Match(ed Potatoes)

Thanksgiving is great, but while everyone else is recovering from turkey coma, real ecommerce ninjas will be scheming targeting options for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Luckily, Google is one step ahead, and has provided a new feature called Customer Match, which allows businesses to use their email lists to target a highly qualified audience on Google Search. What better way to take advantage of the holiday rush than to specifically target those users who have previously bought products and are shopping for more?

Eddie Wright
Account Manager

YouTube in AdWords

I’m thankful​ ​that the entire Google AdWords campaign family is finally together for Thanksgiving this year.​ YouTube ​campaigns integrated with AdWords in October, so I can view and edit YouTube advertising effort​s​ directly within AdWords, alongside Search, Shopping and Display campaigns. Now I can aggregate spend with other campaign types, take advantage of AdWords’ bulk change tools, and quickly view video performance, making the AdWords kitchen a lot more organized this Thanksgiving.

Gen Head-Gordon
Senior Manager and YouTube Specialist

Kenshoo Social

I’m so grateful that we’ve started using Kenshoo Social. It’s a Facebook Marketing Partner that speeds up ad creation, has an easy scheduling process, and allows us to attribute conversions between Search and Social channels with one pixel. Clients and I both love the Analysis grid, which looks like an image-filled pivot table on steroids. With a better user experience for clients and easier data analysis for me, it’s a total win!

Eve Denton
Senior Manager

Facebook Re-evaluation

Much like Aunt Edna, who tells you every Thanksgiving that she “tried the internet” once 15 years ago and has stayed away ever since, many advertisers have been wary of Facebook Advertising after a disappointing experience a few years ago. That’s why I’m grateful for the opportunity to show brands who are hesitant about Facebook marketing how paid ads can have a positive impact on their profits. Each brand has its own unique story, but Facebook’s enormous number of targeting options help us craft a powerful strategy for each client.

Amy Cass
Director, Account Services

Hubspot Blog

Writing great content is like making a good stuffing. First, you nail the fundamentals, then you add just enough nuts, fruits and spices to make it unique and exciting. This year, I’m thankful for the Hubspot blog, which is an amazing resource for content marketers everywhere. With resources ranging from simple guides to writing great headlines to how-tos on crowdsourcing content (example: this post), Hubspot covers all of the content marketing bases.

Evan Sparling
Account Manager and Content Marketing Specialist

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!