The world of Amazon Advertising is growing at breakneck speed, as Amazon turns their selling platform into an ad platform. Many advertisers are deciding whether or not to jump on board – if you’re looking to understand if Amazon is the right fit for your business, make sure to read this blog post first. For those of you who are already ready to advertise on Amazon, continue reading for a simple introduction to the three main ad types you can run on the platform.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products ads, which appear in search results and on product pages, comprise the majority of click volume on Amazon. They are a core focus of any healthy Amazon ad strategy. Below are the key highlights of this ad type:

1.       Can be run by any seller, with no additional requirements

2.       Ads show in search results AND on product pages to similar products

3.       Can be controlled via keywords or run using automatic campaigns

4.       No ad copy is required – the product is your ad

5.       For sellers with large catalogs, maintaining a granular account structure (ie: separating out products individually or grouping by theme) is crucial to drive revenue at a high ROI

Example in search results:

Example on a product page:

Sponsored Brand Ads (Previously Headline Search Ads)

These ads are higher-funnel branding ads that will show on Amazon search pages. This ad type is only available to vendors and sellers who have registered their trademarked brands with Amazon. Sponsored Brands ads are most important for brands that want to grow their brand recognition within their industry. Highlights below:

1.       Ads primarily show at the top of search results but are now being mixed into the middle of search results

2.       Ads include a logo, a small amount of ad copy, and three products to highlight

3.       Clicks on these ads can take you to a product page, store page, or page with 100 product listings

4.       Ads are controlled via keywords

Example at top of search results:

Product Display Ads

These ads only show on product pages. They are only available to vendors using the Amazon Ads platform. You can use them in two very different ways:

1.       Protecting your own listing from other advertisers aiming to steal sales

2.       Taking sales/clicks away from competitors or sellers who have a similar product

More details about these ads:

  • You can target individual SKUs you want your ad to show on, as well as entire categories of products
  • There is no ad copy; simply pick the product you want to show in your ads

When running your Amazon campaigns, you’ll want to use a mix of these different ad types in order to maximize your ROI. If you’re looking for help with Amazon Advertising strategy, contact our team.