As the second phase in the Unified Device Targeting, Bing Ads will be combining device targeting options into one, which will further align how accounts are managed in Google AdWords and in Bing Ads. This new combined device targeting option will use bid modifiers ranging from -100% to +300%.

This official migration will take place on March 23, 2015.

How will this affect my campaigns?

Bing will be taking any campaigns that don’t have a mobile modifier on and set them with a 0% modifier; this means that you will have the same bids for mobile as you have for desktops.

Therefore, any desktop-only campaigns will have mobile targeting added, and any mobile-only campaigns will have desktop and tablet targeting added. This means after the migration you run the risk of having multiple campaigns targeting the same keyword sets.

  Current device(s) targeted     The Change after Migration
PC + tablet Smartphone targeting added
Smartphone PC/tablet targeting added
PC + smartphone + tablet None


Benefits of the Transition

Simplicity: similar to your ability to target and bid based on device within AdWords, you will have the same capabilities in Bing, offering a more streamlined approach to device bidding.

Tablet bid modifiers: One exciting difference between Bing and AdWords targeting is that bid modifiers for tablets will be available on the Bing channel, ranging from -20% to +300%.

Preparation & Recommendations

Multiple Campaigns Targeted by Device:

  • If you currently are running multiple campaigns targeting the same keywords, but targeted to different devices, we recommend combining all your campaigns for mobile, PC, and tablet traffic prior to the migration date.
  • This transition should be fairly simple: you will just need to pause your mobile-only campaigns and then update your device targeting modifiers in your current desktop-only campaign.

Adding bid adjustments to mobile on combined campaigns:

  • After March 23rd, with the addition of mobile devices to your campaigns, you will automatically have the same bids for mobile as you have for desktops. Given that performance differs per device, you will want to avoid this before the transition. We are recommend setting mobile modifiers for your Bing campaigns ahead of time.

Overall, this is a positive change for Bing Ads usability, but it is definitely important to prepare for the changes coming with this new phase in Bing’s Unified Device Targeting. Make sure to set your bid modifiers for mobile or combine your mobile and desktop-only campaigns if applicable before the start date of the migration. And of course, use this change as your chance to test and optimize even further on mobile on Bing!