If you’re an eCommerce retailer running on Google Shopping, you hopefully already know how important a healthy and optimized product feed is to your success and the value that Google Shopping drives for your business. Shopping ad growth over the last decade is no mystery: eyes gravitate towards images, and customers now expect more images than ever.

Google has now quietly rolled out a new feature for Shopping Ads that meet those expectations, allowing Shopping Ads to show multiple images in a carousel. With this change, it is more important than ever to ensure your product feed has multiple images that are up-to-date and high-quality.

Below are some examples of how product ads are now showing multiple images:

PLA with Multiple Images


PLA with Multiple Images

Here are some pro tips on activating multiple images in your Shopping Ads and getting the best results:

1) The “additional_image_link” field in your feed is how you activate multiple images that will show on your Shopping Ads

This field can include up to 10 additional images that Google will use to optimize your ad, by rotating images in and out to find which images drive the strongest CTR. Use this to your advantage and provide as many high-quality images as possible.

2) The higher quality the image, the better

Shopping Ads are all about catching a shopper’s attention and creating a great first impression. Ensure your images are professional and stand out against your competitors.

3) Use high-resolution images

While Google doesn’t give Shopping Ads quality scores, we have proven that higher resolution images lead to a higher “shopping quality score”, and lower CPCs. Create images above Google’s pixel requirements to be favored in shopping auctions.

Note: The max file size is 64 megapixels or 16MB. 

4) Additional images can include the product in use

Shopping Ads with lifestyle imagery stand out and are a great way to resonate more effectively with your target demographic. Make sure your product feed includes as many lifestyle images as possible: how your product is used, who is using your product, where your product is used, and more.

5) Additional images can stage your product in different ways

No longer are you held to just one angle of your product. Show your product off from different angles to give the customer a better idea of what your product will look like if they decide to purchase it.

With customers expecting more imagery before making a purchase, Google’s update provides an opportunity to meet those expectations where customers shop.

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