In college, the mentors I found among my professors, program leaders, and sorority sisters helped me achieve success in class and extracurricular activities. I was concerned when I started at Metric Theory that I would struggle to find mentors like the ones I had in college, and that my on-the-job performance might suffer as a result. Fortunately, Metric Theory has a robust mentorship program to ramp new employees into leadership roles.


Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Photo via Pexels.

Metric Theory’s innovative mentorship program is an essential component of the success of our analysts and more senior staff. Analysts are paired with an Account Manager working on a different team. The mentorship lasts until the PPC Analyst completes her first quarterly evaluation as an Account Manager.

The primary goal of Metric Theory’s mentor program is to help PPC Analysts develop into successful Account Managers through casual feedback and an open avenue of communication with more senior staff. The greatest benefit of the mentorship program for me has been tutoring and skill development. Whenever I have struggled with a concept or skill in paid search, I have felt comfortable going to my mentor to ask her for more practice. In particular, I struggled with decision-making regarding account optimizations, and constantly second-guessed myself about the most impactful account opportunities. For example, should I make day of week bid adjustments or pull an ad copy analysis?

So my mentor set aside half an hour to demonstrate how she prioritizes account work, which gave me much more confidence in the decisions I make. By doing so, she helped me understand her system of prioritization and feel more confident in the decisions I was making. Similar informal interactions help analysts begin preparing for the rigors of full account management.

In addition to assistance on core skills, the mentorship program also provides analysts with connections and relationships throughout the office. In a quickly growing and changing company, mentors keep analysts from feeling lost or undervalued. The mentorship program is not tied to workplace advancement, and mentor interactions are not used in employee evaluations, which gives analysts a confidential resource for issues and concerns.

Metric Theory supports these relationships with a monthly budget to allow mentors and mentees to meet in a space outside of the workplace. As a new employee, the program helped me fit in to a new job and gave me a resource to discuss issues that I felt uncomfortable raising in a more open forum. This outlet ultimately helped me more quickly fit in to Metric Theory’s company culture and adjust to the expectations of my job as a PPC Analyst.

The greatest benefit of the mentorship program is helping analysts develop into strong Account Managers. Metric Theory account managers are expected to take ownership of accounts and drive performance improvements. Nervous or unsure Account Managers will not only be unable to drive the results that clients expect from Metric Theory, but also will not communicate their strategy and decisions effectively with clients. By providing an internal sounding board and resource, the mentorship program develops analysts into capable and confident account managers who are fully prepared to drive amazing client results.