In today’s competitive job market, you might struggle with the question – how can your company stand out against the rest? Perks like free snacks and office happy hours certainly draw candidates in, but it takes more than just company benefits to attract top talent.

It takes more than just cool office spaces and free snacks to entice top candidates. Image via Pexels

At Metric Theory, our product is our people, so hiring strong employees is crucial for scaling our business and driving awesome results for our clients. We understand that career growth and skill development are extremely important to our candidates, but that it’s also crucial that our company values and culture align with what top candidates are seeking. For that reason, we are as transparent as possible about our company throughout the recruiting process. Below are some of the ways Metric Theory attracts top talent for our entry-level PPC Analyst role:


One of Metric Theory’s largest distinguishers is our PPC Analyst training program, which attracts top talent because it proves how much we invest in our employees. Top candidates want to continue learning and developing new skills after college, and our program is aimed at doing just that. When they begin, Analysts are trained in a classroom setting for about one month before taking on account work, and the training continues for another eight or so months to fully prepare them for the Account Manager role. However, the training doesn’t end after employees are promoted to Account Managers – in fact, it never truly stops. Even our Senior Managers and Directors participate in ongoing trainings led by our specialists as well as our reps from Kenshoo, Google and Bing.

Career Growth

When candidates are first starting their careers, finding a company that will provide them with clear career plans and promote their growth is top of mind. Before coming on with Metric Theory, candidates are introduced to what their first two years at the company could look like and what their options are after the initial two years. This allows our employees to plan out their short term goals and ensures they have clear expectations when they begin.


During the interview process, we give candidates insight into the categories that we are evaluating, and ask them to evaluate us on a similar scale. We also provide an exercise during the interview, which gives them insight into the real-life work of an account manager. This transparency shows candidates that we want them to think critically about whether they would enjoy working at Metric Theory, and if they would enjoy the type of work they would be doing every day.


The number one question candidates ask me during the interview process is about our culture. Candidates want to know about the people they will be spending 40+ hours per week with, and ensure their values are aligned with ours. All candidates are looking for different things, but I am always open and honest with them, letting them know we have a hardworking, driven, team-oriented, transparent and collaborative work environment. Of course, it helps that Metric Theory has won multiple awards for our outstanding company culture.


As mentioned above, benefits alone won’t attract top talent, but they are still an important consideration for candidates. To keep our employees happy and healthy, we offer full medical benefits, subsidized gym memberships, office snacks, employee sports leagues, happy hours and more!

To stand out and attract candidates among a sea of other companies, it’s important to consider what the best job searchers are looking for, and how your company can best communicate how you align with what these candidates want.