Today, Digiday released the shortlist for their Worklife Awards, and we’re proud to be on it as a finalist for the Most Dedicated to Employee Growth category.

Being named a finalist in this field that includes HP, Vox, The Financial Times is a huge validation for our team’s work on employee growth programs. We entered to understand how we stack up against the most progressive companies in this category, and it’s great to be in the company of the others on this list. Obviously, culture is made up of many things, as the Worklife Awards categories show. While we’re proud to be on the shortlist here, we’ll work hard to maintain that and hopefully start popping up on a few others in the future.

In our submission, we discussed programs we started years ago to help provide wide open paths to career growth that seemed all too rare for agencies. We also described management training that gives our people the tools to break out of the things that hold them back day-to-day so that they can realize their full potential on their terms. Something else we believe in at Metric Theory is investing in people, not just employees. We cannot stress enough the importance of bringing your whole self to work, and being able to develop a community amongst our employees. Having just passed our seventh year in business last month, we also had some amazing stories to share about how this work has directly impacted the people who chose to come work at Metric Theory.

I wrote for Forbes on maintaining an award-winning culture recently, which you can find here for more on our philosophy. If you feel like you’re ready for a company that will challenge you and help your potential in your work, check out our openings.