In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re revisiting one of our favorite events of 2019 – our women’s panel event in partnership with Microsoft Advertising, Growing Your Voice: Empowering Lessons From Women Leaders. Through this event, we were able to discuss and give attendees tools to create a more inclusive workplace for women.

In the leadup to the panel event, we also interviewed seven inspiring women at Metric Theory and Microsoft on their experience in the world of digital marketing. You can also read our takeaways here or watch a video of the full event.

Women in Leadership Event Panelists
Amanda Ferrante, Metric Theory

Amanda Ferrante, Metric Theory’s Chief Revenue Officer, shared that her career as one of Metric Theory’s founding members helped her learn how to be flexible and self-aware in challenging environments. Following in the footsteps of her mom, the first female saleswoman for 3M in the 1970’s, Amanda describes how she found her unique leadership style and why women should never be afraid to share an opinion.

Nadine Fuller, Metric Theory

Metric Theory’s VP of Agency Development, Nadine Fuller, also spoke to finding work/life balance as a mother. For her, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and development ensures that she is always learning and advancing her career. Her advice for her 20-something self? Don’t forget to prioritize and take care of yourself! Whether it’s working out, eating healthy, or carving out time to have fun, self-care makes you the best version of yourself, professional or otherwise.

Lynne Kjolso, Microsoft Advertising

Lynne Kjolso, Vice President of Global Corporate Sales, has been at Microsoft for over 12 years and has created a globally diverse team where everyone has space to be their authentic selves. Lynne noted that one of the keys to being successful was learning to be the best version of herself, rather than stressing over whether she needed to act like certain leaders she observed but didn’t want to emulate. Her own journey of self-exploration as a professional and as a woman has helped her to see new purpose in her work, get in touch with her core values, and use those values as a touchstone every time she’s had moments of self-doubt.

Brittany Blanchard, Metric Theory

Metric Theory’s VP of Account Services, Brittany Blanchard, says that asking for feedback and new opportunities are the two best ways to ensure that she is always learning and improving in her work. Brittany’s advice to fellow women leaders? Think of yourself not as a woman leader, but rather just a leader. While she maintains that there is always an obligation to support and uplift other women in the workplace, putting yourself on the same footing as other coworkers will ultimately make you a better leader.

Jenny Gale Howe, Metric Theory

Jenny Gale Howe, Metric Theory’s VP of Sales, has simple advice to offer other women — remember that you have options. After taking a leap of faith to help build Metric Theory from the ground up, she now has over eight years of digital marketing experience and is an integral part of the leadership team. She thinks the key is to know yourself, and if you truly find more joy in a role that is not traditionally female, go for it. Chances are, you know yourself better than anyone else, so you should always trust that intuition.

Megan Beatty, Metric Theory

Metric Theory’s Associate Director of Digital Strategy, Megan Beatty, thinks that there will never be a point when she feels like she’s “made it.” The more she learns, the more aware she has become of how many things she doesn’t know and how high the ceiling of improvement really is. When she thinks of having “arrived,” she thinks of being tapped out, not challenged, not able to get any better — and she doesn’t think she’ll ever want to to get to that spot. Her advice to other women leaders is to surround yourself with people who will keep you humble and be as excited for your growth as you are. Invest time in knowing yourself and being honest with yourself about what brings you life and where you want to go. And choose to be positive and optimistic — this world is too full of potential and possibility to not be stoked on it!

Talia Pilorge, Metric Theory

Talia Pilorge, Metric Theory’s Digital Media Planner, believes that feedback is critically important to ensure that she is always learning and improving in her job. She places a major focus on asking those around her for feedback, and says that you have to trust those working above you to give you valuable feedback and believe in your potential. She also has some simple advice for herself and fellow women leaders — believe in yourself. She notes that she still has to tell herself this before she asks any kind of question, and that she’s still working on it. Her goal is to aim for zero hesitations!

Happy International Women’s Day from everyone at Metric Theory!