Today, we’re incredibly proud to unleash our new e-book, A Performance Marketer’s Guide to YouTube Ads, on the digital marketing world.

For years, we’ve been touting YouTube as not just a great way to get in front of a highly engaged audience for relatively low costs, but for customer acquisition, too. Often, its reputation is only as a branding mechanism (and it’s great for that, too!), but this leaves it at the bottom of the priority list for performance marketers. Over that time, we’ve scored our clients millions of dollars in direct revenue from YouTube ads, and our educational content on the topic is some of the most read and emulated content we’ve done.

You’ll find plenty of mostly interchangeable resources online that give you the basics of YouTube ads, but that’s not what this is. We focused this e-book specifically on how you can manage and measure your YouTube campaigns for real business performance.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Which ad units deliver the best direct response performance
  • How to make sense of the huge audience library on YouTube
  • Why the first seven seconds of a video ad are so important
  • How to produce video ads that convert on YouTube
  • Settings adjustments that will save you thousands in wasted spend
  • What Google’s default metrics aren’t telling you about your performance

Whether you’re trying to launch your first campaigns, are trying to understand why past YouTube campaigns haven’t performed the way you’d hoped, or you just want to learn about how YouTube can be an evergreen part of your performance marketing mix, this 26-page guide is an essential companion.

We hope you get as much out of the new e-book as we get out of making this knowledge available to you!


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