Trent Emanuel

by Trent Emanuel | Metric Theory News

We’re incredibly proud to release a new guide for marketers, our version of an introduction to programmatic digital advertising! You can download a copy here.

The programmatic landscape can be daunting for marketers to dive into. As we’ve received more questions from our clients about it over time, we’ve seen that the learning curve is much different than other mainstream digital marketing topics. We’ve also found the available information to be disaggregated and built more for people who already have a working knowledge of the unique vocabulary and systems of programmatic. For an industry that has been rightly questioned for its lack of transparency in recent years, this isn’t helping.

No more. We’re building programmatic resources that offer exactly what marketers want. Information in human terms, with no prerequisite knowledge needed. Real explanations of the benefits, challenges, and common traps businesses will find when launching programmatic media, so that you can make it work for you.

This introductory guide is our first resource, with more to come. In it, you’ll find:

  • How to know when programmatic is right for your business
  • Why to go programmatic and how to explain the value to leadership
  • What media you can buy programmatically
  • Audiences that you can reach and how to approach audience strategy
  • What to measure to determine business impact

We hope that you find the new guide useful. And if you’d like to have more guides and helpful content delivered directly to your inbox, just join our email list using the widget to the right!